Price Gouging 2.0, MSN Adcenter out does Google


Reports are popping up of MSN Adcenter changing bid amounts and charging as much as $843.92 a click. On my own accounts I have phrases that were at ten cents that have been inflated to $79 a click. Even more worrisome is that the bid amounts don't reflect the change.

Looks like they have finally on out done Google at something!

// edited: the poster on DP initially calculated his CPC wrong as ~$281.00 it was actually the price listed above


Same here

Seeing avg cpc of over £6 with a max cpc of 50p.

Great Stuff...

Be warned...

AdCenter has a *major* time lag if you want to pause your campaigns.


they don't drive any volume or we could of spent a LOT of money at these average cpc's I am finding.

For me the prices seem to

For me the prices seem to have stabilized back to what they should be. Despite their recommendations I am going to keep my campaigns going. MSN has been excellent to me so far in terms of customer service and communication so there are no worries on my end that this will get sorted and credits/refunds issued before any charges happen.

//sidenote: The poor tech on the phone sounded so afraid of me and clueless as to what was going on. She must have been getting yelled at all morning. Poor girl.

Oh the other thing I am

Oh the other thing I am seeing is that not only am I being overcharged, I am being charged for clicks that didn't happen.

My rep

seems to think its a 'reporting' issue only.

Microsoft says they have

Microsoft says they have fixed the issue and are working on refunds now.!85E824269AB8C30D!290.entry

but I wanted to let you know

but I wanted to let you know that this issue is now resolved and those of you who were overcharged, we're working on a plan to credit your accounts for over-charges as soon as possible.

I can only imagine the headaches this would cause small business owners... maxing out their credit cards and linked checking accounts while awaiting a refund in the form of an AdCenter credit (unless they execute the refund before charging the accounts). As soon as the Advil™ kicks in and things start looking positive again, organic SEOs should be there with a pitch for the "one-time SEO monthly retainer program".

Odd coincidence that this

Odd coincidence that this happens at the same time Vista launches and MSN search sees a small rise in traffic.

Me too!

While it's the 24th and Google -just- got back to me saying my need to pay 5.00 USD a click is not a glitch and is my keywords problem (ones that were running fine before), I woke up and checked my MS adCenter accounts to find one of them had been charged $54 USD a click, TWENTY TWO TIMES!. Actually there was all 22 of these expensive clicks in one minute! Who would've known? Half way through a heart attack I called MS about this and everything was fixed in a matter of minutes. Accounts refunded and my ads were "investigated" (as they put it) in less then 10 mins total.

I was actually pretty impressed by the service I recieved, now if Google would get the stick out of there ass and stop telling me that I have to pay 5.00 USD a click or not get advertising..

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