MyBlogLog - Riding the We Hate SEO's Stereotype Train


While the outright hatred of SEO's is well documented at places like Digg after the latest Shoemoney Scandal the folks at MyBlogLog have tipped there hand about how they feel about SEO's

Eric Marcoullier

Are we always going to be ahead of SEO-types (sorry) who want to game the system for their own gain? Probably not.


They need to wake up

if they think it is just SEOs who "game the system for their own good". There are 1000s of webmasters who are not SEOs, but they join forums, go to SES and PubCon, buy Aaron's ebook, etc to learn what they can to promote their own businesses online. Think of them as the online version of the for sale by owner who chooses not to hire a real estate agent. There are more of these types than SEOs.

This is strange considering

This is strange considering one of the biggest users is the SEO community.

People need to stop equating HACKER = SEOer

Defending SEO

Is the new blackhat/whitehat debate.

And did you expect unmanaged

And did you expect unmanaged public relations to suddenly improve? It doesn't get more raw than this: the PR is generated by individuals who have already demonstrated they are much better at ... something else. The more they talk, the worse it gets. Same old story.

That's what consultants are for. Special times like this, when you know what you need, but can't seem to get it done yourself.

(notice his "SEO-types" is really a reference to ignorant, positive-thinking, altruistic and well-meaning naive web users. Not the competitive webmasters. Gee... wouldn't it be nic eif all those bad guys just went away?)


Well, it's the usual 'identity crisis' going on since really... is it my ignorance? or isn't this Social Media?

Last time I checked MBL wasn't a Search Engine... or it's back to SEO School for me...

Every person trying to so-called 'game' (like they didn't expect it to be used as a marketing tool) seems to now get lumped in with the SEO world....

I'd prefer he and others try out the term 'internet marketers' for starters... and maybe add 'web site owners' and 'webmasters' to that list... oh and why not 'company owners' since many of them look to 'utilize' Social Media sites for their benefit...

In the end... how many users of any of the sites are pure 'surfers' with absolutely NO agenda outside of personal use of the site? Not a huge percentage I would imagine.

Let us look at EVERY member of MBL and see whom monetizes the Blog/Site they link to in any way, shape or form... because if they do.. it is now longer 'for fun' and I dare say, they are all there as 'internet marketers' in one fashion or another.

So are we talking about SEOs here? Or does MBL have 'internet marketers' all looking to 'game/use' the system?



Before this whole 'SEO isnt rocket science / SEO is bullsh*t' debate, I had no idea who Dave Paternack and Jason Calacanis were. They offended some of us and the methods we use to ethically put food on the table (most of us at least). And many SEO's took issue with this and fired back, essentially starting one of the biggest internet flame wars ever.

The side effect of all this (intended or not) is that many more of us now know who they are. To me, this screams of an intentional ploy for publicity.

While I do not agree that uninformed people, with poor, self-developed definitions of an industry should be making blanket statements potentially hurting my chances of getting that next client, I have to admit that going through all these forums and blog posts has cost me a lot of time...hehe.

it's a conspiracy

It's just a conspiracy to get everyone to call this "the biggest internet flame war ever" or "the greatest link bait campaign ever" or some other "greatest" so that we can get SEO into wikipedia.


...make a top 10 list about it.

way to insult your biggest evangelists!


Yeah it stings a bit but...

Yeah it stings a bit for some here to be identified as jerks by his comment. However, if you are going to really parse his comment... Take a second look:

"...SEO-types (sorry)..."

We are not all at the same levels, understanding, activities, etc. Just like an early poster said, it's a rep problem and a black/white hat problem. He said "types", meaning not all, perhaps signifying that there are SEO-like posers. Meaning SEO is OK but there are SEO-like activities/individuals who are causing problems.

And yes, MBL it's not an engine, but it is part of the whole social network, gaining viewers, and other activities that when taken as a whole, is a way to market a web site so that it does indeed show up in the engines.

A wise man once told me

Common sense isn't as common as you'd think.

Hmmm..... I wonder how the definition of "SEO-type" would actually read in a glossary or Internet Dictionary?

SEO-type [eseo type] noun, seo-type: ing, adjective

1) An inflammatory description used to negatively describe, and/or shed a negative light upon the witty, clever, and savvy person practicing the ongoing, but not so "rocket science" discipline of researching, and then taking full-advantage of the maximum number of optimization opportunities for any given web page (website).

--sorry (:

that common sense quote

went into my file. Thanks, Eric.

This one, one of my favorites, works for Digg, TW, and Andy Beal's site:

"There's no justice like angry mob justice!" --Seymour Skinner

And The Story Get Bigger...

Shoemoney Sez MyBlogLog Tracks Your Visitors Ad Clicks

I think this story will run for a while...

Shoemoney Sez MyBlogLog

Shoemoney Sez MyBlogLog Tracks Your Visitors Ad Clicks

Umm... you can know your visitors too thanks to Rob (back in January)

There was a lyric from a song a few years back...

..that went

"They don't like us, we don't care"

Which seems to sum up all this furore.

(P.S. A pint to whoeer can find me the song title and artist.)

You got it - RC

I must have subconsiously turned the first part around to fit what I wanted to say.

SEO Types...

...are so sensitive! ;)


MyBlogLog has issued and apology and set things on the right track

The problem is not SEO, is

The problem is not SEO, is the bad practices used by some people to game the serp's. Many people associates SEO with black practices.

You mean...

BlackHAT practices?

>You mean...BlackHAT

>You mean...BlackHAT practices?<

Who cares what he means. WTF does game the serps mean?????? No one, I mean NO ONE can game the serps. You could possibly hack into a engines server and modify the code to "game the serps" but then you are not an SEO_ you are a criminal. You could get a job at an engine and gain access to the code and modify it to "game the serps" but then you are not an SEO, you are an employee and a thief.

You either identify what you think the engine is looking for in terms of relevancy and modify YOUR pages or you don't. If you do, you are not "gaming serps" you are optimizing YOUR pages.

If the page you modified shows up in the serps, who put it there? If that is a problem for the search engine, it becomes possible that maybe the engine wants to promote the fact that they are helpless against those nasty bastards who "game the serps", instead of just admitting that if the engine doesn't work the way the engine wants, that the engine needs worked on and not the webmasters who have as much right as the engine to build their pages like they choose. The engine can either take them or not and guess what? If they quit taking a certain kind of page, I'm willing to bet there would be those who would stop creating that kind of page.

But nooooo, obviously it isn't the responsibility of the poor little engine just trying to help mankind to be forced to make money off their own sites just like every other webmaster on the planet. It is those nasty serp gamers keeping them only making billions instead of reaching what they SHOULD really have if it weren't for serp gamers.

Instead of telling all TWers the problem is "some people being serp gamers", I'd like to offer an alternative proclamation. What needs to happen in my opinion is:

#1. EVERYONE accept that what is in the SERPs is up to the engines and there isn't a damn thing ANYONE who does not have access to the source code of that engine can do about that. Therefore no such thing as serp gamers only search engines that have a good business model and engines that have a not so good business model and they are both responsible for their own businesses.

#2. Stop using SEO as an acronym for traffic generation, commerce optimization, statistical analysis,ppc management,IP or user agent delivery, link acquisition, social media public relations and everything else any webmaster with a financial motivation does. The one thing those webmasters practicing any of those things do not do is SEO. WE DO NOT OPTIMIZE SEARCH ENGINES

Pick a confusing, broad, totally erroneous term to describe something that the people known by that term do not do and there is a good chance that an entire industry will divide amongst itself and argue over the exact same thing over and over for years and years with never, NEVER any resolution in sight.

One question. By calling yourself an SEO and then calling another person you claim is doing something wrong by the same acronym, who stands to profit the most?

>Public apology<

I swore two years ago in yet one more goofy ethics debate at Searchenginewatch that I would never again get involved in such a discussion as I felt it idiotic at worst and a waste of time at best. While not exactly the same thing here, it is close enough that I feel I have betrayed myself. I wish I had better control. I'm sorry.

It's tax time, isn't it,

It's tax time, isn't it, Bob?

Massa - Thank You

I have printed that out and it now resides on my refrigerator. I may even also put it on a t-shirt (Star Wars backstory intro style)!

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