Dell’s computer with no operating system is $53 more expensive than one loaded with Vista


Dell’s D42N Duo, a 1.06Ghz dual core laptop is selling for $53 more without an operating system than with Microsoft installed, meaning that you have to pay more if you want Linux, or nothing on it.

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Founders Note:
Shouldn't they be discounting it if it had a version of Linux on it rather than increasing the price, since the software is free? Because as it stands now, if you wanted Ubuntu on it, or some other flavor of Linux you have to have it shipped with Windows, and then format it.

I didn't know Microsoft was a government agency that was allowed to put taxes on computers.


Errr, Founder

Um, do you not think MS might be subsidising this offer which - certainly where I come from - is not exactly the same as putting taxes on computers. Free market forces and all, old chap, tallyho, etc.


We ordered yet another Dell for the real estate office's front desk about a month ago. I had read in a comment stream somewhere that Dell would ship a "clean" machine (i.e., no crapware) but you had to call in the order --no online purchase option for that. So we called. The rep said that a clean machine (not the term he used) was about $60 more as all the crap (not the term he used) was used to keep the cost low. I wasn't on the phone, but nearby, so I passed along a message for him: "That's OK, for $60, I'll run the decrapifier program." He had good laugh and didn't protest in the least.

format c:

...still works fine.

Smart move, Dell. Kudos.

Puget Custom Computers

Moral of the story is Dell gets paid to install crapware on their computers. Better to buy one off a custom pc site like Puget Custom Computers, [self promotional spam link removed], than go through a place like Dell. Better quality parts too.

>Better quality parts

>Better quality parts too.

I'm not a Dell fanboy, but I do like cheap, nearly disposable computers and they are the guys that made the market for desktops. They didn't see the laptop binge coming, though. Anyway, I have had 20 or so computers by now, maybe 30 if I really counted the machines in my immediate sphere of influence (by that, I mean close enough where I was the one who opened the box). Of those, 4 or 5 were custom builds by local shops. My experience has been that Dell has caused me less trouble than the custom builds. My biggest problem with Dell is what to do with the old ones that I outgrow. We have some running as browsers and email appliances for guests at the house that are unknown how old they are. Note that this experience hasn't applied to laptops.

I've always liked Dell.

I've always liked Dell. They've been fast, attentive, and have some of the better deals online. It's no secret that they are in bed with Microsoft and push the hell out of Vista. I was able to get our account representative to load up my newest machine with XP instead of Vista. I believe it was the same price however.

How long has pugetsystems been on your client list?

Pretty shitty link drop there HayMeadows.

My Apologies

Sorry, didn't mean any harm by it.

since Linux is free

...I can only presume that Dell are saying that loading Windows Vista onto a PC devalues the computer by $53.


So what you guys are saying is that Dell get's like 200-300 dollars of craplets installed for each Vista OS that they sell?

They have to be making 53 dollars more than the cost of the OS..

Let me get this stright..

AOL, Norton, 1.5 million spyware games, and just about every other software vendor pays Dell to install craplets on the box, Dell pays Microsoft to get Vista.

Using Ubuntu breaks that profitable cycle for them, because Microsoft doesn't get paid from the OS, and most of the craplets don't work on Vista.

End Result : Dell get's paid to load shit up on your box, and the shit only runs on Microsoft.

Solution : get out of the toilet and run Ubuntu.



Since anyone who will do anything at all to a machine except run it straight out of the box is in the (absolutely minuscule) minority, take advantage of your acquired knowledge and use it to let the great majority subsidize your Dell purchases. Buy the box, reformat or decrapify the machine as soon as you set it up. I just set up a machine in a small office and total decrap time was roughly 15 minutes or $240/hr --and that's not factoring any income tax issues because this was a business machine and the cost of the hardware was an expense. (Had I been setting up a personal machine purchased with after-tax dollars then the purchase price subsidy would have a multiplier effect.)

Ripping the tongue out of IE and setting up kiosk browsing in FF took another hour, but well worth my time.


>>...I can only presume that Dell are saying that loading Windows Vista onto a PC devalues the computer by $53.

QFE. Well said indeed.

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