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Toto's MP3 Playing Toilet
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Sheesh! Now i've seen it all, Gizmodo report on the new Toto Mp3 playing toilet heh...

So, what songs would be appropriate for an mp3 playing bog eh?

  • Mr Hankie the Xmas Poo ~ SouthPark
  • Golden brown ~ Stranglers
  • Plop around the clock

Groan.... i can't think of any more, anyone? - go on, it's Friday!


How about...

"Shit on you" by Eminem?

What will they think of next

What will they think of next :)

Woman Sells ads on Cleavage

As long as we're in the Friday thread...

Ebay, where else?

Ads on cleavage must be worth more than forehead

The gentleman auctioning his forehead claims $30,000 was offered on ebay (which I doubt is a real bid) but one would assume that cleavage was worth more in real estate terms.

One suspects ebay's PR man dreams them up

from a different angle....

'Turning Japanese' seems appropriate for a full spec toilet.

or 'This is the new shit song' - Marilyn Manson

or anything by Boyzone ......

Back to cleavage


I see is available hmmmm....


I have space for rent...

...on occasion :?

Mp3 suggustion... how about: Ain't no mountain high enough ?

Surf N Poo

Maybe they can embed a screen in the cistern and you could sit on the thing in reverse and surf too!

More mp3's

Brown girl in da ring tra la la la la (boney m)

Plop goes the weasel (anon circa 1504 )

Hip Plop Be Bop ( dont stop)(Man Parrish)

Hanging on the great white throne ( Blondie)

Toto Washlet is da BOMB! about "You Dropped A Bomb on Me" The Gap Band (love that funk).

Have you guys (gals?) used one of these. OK, it didn't have the MP3 player, but when I lived in Japan in the early 90's, I got to use one of these on occasion (they actually had them in a few public toilets). There's nothing like a warm toilet seat in the morning - esp. with no central heating in Japan, jets of warm water that you can adjust the temperature, power and direction. Ahhh. Then puffs of warm air to prevent chafing ;^) Describing it as a bidet, is like calling a BBQ gas grill a hibachi.

Looks like Gizmodo covered these last May, and retails for around $800 US - not out of reach for alot of people.

Oh, and ladies, the seat drops down by itself. That could save some relationships!


This is hilarious! I've alway

This is hilarious! I've always dreamed of an mp3 player for my bath tub, but for the toilet, I think I'll pass!


yep love those Loo's - it's funniest randomly pressing buttons and seeing what happens :) I also used to love the salesmen in department stores who would patiently explain exactly how best to arrange the water jets for optimal *ahem* coverage.

I'm sure a lot of their public toilets did have piped music as well?

body advetisting

Chris Pirillo aleady has the market cornered :)

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