Google: Customers Data Reveals 1 in 5,000 Unfiltered Ad Clicks Are Fraudulent


Generous Google filters out up to 10% of their revenue, while claiming that advertisers detect only 0.02 of clicks as being fraudulent:

Shuman Ghosemajumder, Google's product manager for trust and safety, said in an interview that, on average, up to 10 percent of pay-per-click activity is invalid, and in some cases fraudulent, but that its computers automatically detect virtually all such problems, meaning advertisers pay nothing.

The percentage of invalid clicks actually identified by customers is 0.02 percent of all clicks, he said.

Why would Google, of the price goughing quality ad pricing variety, filter out so much of their revenue if the advertisers were not detecting much fraud? How might large publishers feel about having 10% of their revenues filtered out?


weird. i only get 1-2 clicks

weird. i only get 1-2 clicks back out of few thousand each month.
guess others get 90% of their advertising costs back.

or maybe my english is too poor to undersand the message


Aaron what was the source of that Shuman quote?

updated and linked

updated and linked

>detect virtually

>detect virtually all


Shuman and Baghad Bob must have attended the same school of social engineering.

Shuman is either an

Shuman is either an ingnorant, clueless dolt or a lying sack of crap. Take your pick.

Refund from Google

He most annoying thing that in any case you cannot get any refund from Google, only credit for future campaign.

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