Digg puts the 'disease' in Social


Wired: I Bought Votes on Digg

CEO Jay Adelson told me before I conducted this experiment that all the groups trying to manipulate Digg "have failed," and that Digg "can tell when there are paid users."

It's not just Digg, folks. If it's social, the problem goes with it.



AnnaLees Always worth a read

Looks like digg got pwnd

Digg users apparently caught censoring news...

A programmer found a bug at Digg which allowed him to view the Bury feed at Digg. He posted the list on his website and it is eye opening... read more about it here:


There are many interesting and disturbing stories within this story -- do you agree?

quote: I'm only surprised

"I'm only surprised that you are surprised..." (just a quote that keeps coming to mind lately --rc)

Metafilter: On Wikipedia, no one knows you're a 24-year-old with no credentials

via somebits

Kottke's got it now

great post title, too

He's not a doctor, but he plays one on the web.

Hell hath no fury like the A-list fooled.

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