SeoDays Announces Dates For First 2 Day Conference


SeoDays have announced their first date. This time it will be a two day event to be held in London, 20th - 21st March 2007

Some big industry names are running the gig, including David Naylor and Jennifer Slegg.

Other world experts in their fields to be announced soon.

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hmmm - should I announce the

hmmm - should I announce the Oilman SEO circuit? nah - too much work. Tip of the hat for SeoDays. It's very interesting to see the market demand shifting to smaller more advanced programs. Even Danny's new SMX is not for the newbie.

Best of luck SeoDays. I see traction with this kind of consulting. I'm actually attending a similar gig in Boston this year where a VC firm is sponsoring a one day search conference for the companies they fund. Same sort of deal. Should be lots of fun.

looks interesting guys

what level SEMs are you pitching at/expect to turn up?
I couldn't see the numbers you have limited this to. To me this is important, as you suggest size is proportional to value per person.

Short notice?

Congrats to the guys getting it organised but man that is short notice

2 day events around 50

2 day events around 50 people less if possible, so they can get a one on one attention from me and the others

The big thing is we are not trying sell additional products or services, for me I'm just going to be on call all the time so that the participants can just chat to me it's all about trying to help them,

i think with hitwise showing a live demo on traffic and keywords and Karl and Ben the taguchi men :) show how to squeeze the maximum conversions for you site. i would pay just for that lol

me well I will be giving cutting edge info and try to get the delegates to understand whats working and why .. maybe demo so of my tools and data

and how should attend,, anyone i can be as basic or advanced has people need, the newbies will get more 1 on 1 I guess.


I would love to attend but

I would love to attend but alas can't get away on such short notice. Perhaps next time! :)

Good luck guys! Sounds like a wonderful event.

Also, we are adding

Also, we are adding additional speakers for each X number of registered attendees, so the ratio is kept very low as well (I can't remember how many the X was off the top of my head, I'd need to check, lol). So if you think you might want to speak at this event or a future one, there is a speaker proposal form you can fill out on the Seodays site.

When you register, you also fill out a form that asks about skill level. If all attendees consider themselves average or experts in one area, we will then teach at that level rather than going over more basic level in the topic.

I want in

Now this is going to be a roadshow everyone in the industry will be wanting an invite to speak at.... when you hit the States can I do the advanced bar search sessions... how to get your peers drunk and get them to tell you their secrets... it's the only way I keep up with the talent in this space!


thats exactly what i had you penciled in for...


Surely you were going to be leading..

...that discussion yourself Dave :)

Frank Gets In For Free

I enjoyed Paris that much!

what ...

he fixed you up with paris hilton ..


not so loud Barbara will hear you!

We have another LondonSEO event to coincide

I talked with evilgreenmonkey yesterday, and following the last day of the event, we are all going to head over for the next LondonSEO pub gathering.

Wednesday, March 21 at 6pm somewhere in the Euston / Kings Cross area.

Thanks to evilgreenmonkey for organizing the post-Seodays gathering :) I am sure Dave will agree beer and networking is the perfect way to cap off Seodays :P


beer and networking is the best way to cap off any day!

Should be good fun...

I challenge Frank to find an excuse to travel over to his London office in order to attend another LondonSEO :D

Everybody - The best excuse for getting your boss to pay for a transatlantic flight over for LondonSEO/SEO Days will win a night (plus breakfast) with Dave. j/k

night with Dave

Any all nighter with Dave comes with breakfast.... he is just that type of gentleman.


I would dearly love to come over but am going to Colombia at the end of March.... now if it were a weekend event I would be there on my own dime.

I'm in

Just got the OK - looking forward to the parties too, but mostly looking forward to finally having some quality time with Jen - I've neglected ppc for too long and need to get up to speed again.

It's going to be a great conference

It's been announced who the speakers are and Mel Carson from Microsoft adCenter will be giving a presentation plus Heather Hopkins from Hitwise, Ben Jesson and Dr Karl Blanks from Conversion Rate Experts, Richard Young and of course your hosts David Naylor and Jennifer Slegg
Fantastic line up of speakers for the 2 day event

Just a few days to go...

We only have a few spots left now (5 left when I last checked on Friday) so things are coming together well. In addition to Mel from adCenter, we also have Charlotte Morton from Google & Andrew Buckman from Yahoo also coming to Seodays to speak.

I am just doing some last minute things before starting my monster trek from the west coast of Canada. I know at least a few TW'ers will be there, so I will see you Monday night for drinks :)

looking to join you for a day :)

Dave Jen, et al.
Hoping to take one of the last spots. Either way, see you for a beer :)

Word in the street was that

Word on the street was that the event was a huge, and I mean massive, success. Anybody confirm?


That's what the Street Walkers told me too....

Both huge and massive :)

Good points:
Jen covered the ppc (not my strongest point) extremely thoroughly, although some was a little advanced for me - Dave excelled with the Q&As, providing me, at least, with more up to date stuff, reaffirming what I perceive as the direction seo is going and suggested ideas to implement more long-term strategies. Nice meal Tuesday evening. Also made some good contacts.

Bad points:
The Hilton struggled with web connection at the beginning of day one.
Temporary power cut on day two was annoying but gave us more time for discussion - Ben and Karl quickly found a conference room around the corner so within half an hour or so we were up and running again.

Best info was from the informal chats with Dave, enlightening and reassuring. A strange mix of professionalism and fun. Also Ben and Karl, Conversion Rate Experts, suddenly I'm excited about testing :)

a hugh and massive success

there was a minor problem with the wireless comnnection on the first morning and a power failure at lunch time on day 2 what affected about 300 buildings in the centre of london for over 5 hours.

but as they say in showbiz "the show must go on" and it did with the quick thinking of getting another room a few blocks away

well done Dave and Jen and to all the speakers especially Ben and Karl from Conversion Rate Experts for an excellent conference :)

Superb Conf

So there I was asking many an akward question to Andrew from Yahoo, in the exclusive SEODays conference when it all went dark……..

…. Was it a premonition of Panamas’ European launch ? Nope

…. Was it Google cutting the wires due to the obscene knowledge base that was shared in ranking? Nope

….. Was it because the UK economy had slipped a few points due to less search marketing being undertaken by the heavyweights within the room? Possibly

So when's the next event?

So when's the next event?

As soon as Dave and I put

As soon as Dave and I put our schedules together and come up with some workable dates combined with venue availability, we will be announcing the second one. There are definitely a lot of people wanting to attend the next one, so we want to make sure the date doesn't conflict with anything else going on as well :)

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