And The Winner Is...


A James Beard Foundation's page about the real Dave Pasternack.

On the PPC side, the editors voted for Graywolf's AdWords ad.

During the contest we saw

  • 301 redirects
  • leveraging authority domains
  • parasitic SEO techniques
  • registration of exact match domain names
  • a Google algorithm shift
  • pushing for links on blogs and in the mainstream media
  • restructuring their site and using the cancer card to try to rank for their own name

About a half dozen different pages ranked #1 for the term throughout the month long contest, even on the last day there were different top ranked results on different data centers, and we now have a completely different looking Dave Pasternack SERP from when the contest started.

Clearly SEO is dynamic for any mildly competitive phrase. SEO is not a once off set and forget event. Anyone who tells you otherwise is being economical with the truth:

I think the general reason that people are pissed off with David is that instead of him holding did-it's hands up and saying "we don't have the management skills to be able to offer SEO services to our customers", he instead tries to make out that SEO is not a good choice for his clients and that they need PPC. That implies a readiness to be economical with the truth and a lack of ability to be critical of your own companies short comings that, imho, doesn't bode well for those looking to do business with his company.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.


The winner?

I see webguerilla as number one. Shouldn't the end of the contest be the end of the day?

end time was announced in

end time was announced in the original contest thread

Hmm odd result as mcdar

Hmm odd result as mcdar shows greg as the winner in most DC's.

I see

that the time was noon eastern for the contest. Just that I have had webguerilla number one all day here. Meh.

#1 for Greg here too - what

#1 for Greg here too - what data center is Aaron seeing? hehe

James Beard

is top for me.

James #1

I see the same data center as the screen shot shows.


I saw James Beard as number 1 and 2 all morning here (in NY) and now I see Greg at #1 and Beard at #2 & 3...


How many times have I tried to explain this to a client?

if I go to AOL I see Greg,

if I go to AOL I see Greg, but I do not see him #1 here on Google. I think my Google DC IP address is

Aaron, have you checked out

Aaron, have you checked out Mcdar?

Greg is #1 almost across the board by C-blocks.

I wish the McDar tool would

I wish the McDar tool would have worked earlier for me...if it would have I would have used it to get a more comprehensive view.

Well, seeing as you are the

Well, seeing as you are the final judge, you still can.

I didn't win?

For what it's worth, here in SoCal at 9:00 my results looked like Aaron's screen capture.

The other data centers are probably reflecting the fact that GrayWolf's 301 had kicked in, which would clearly push my page to #1. Looks like we were off in our calculations by a couple of hours.

That said, I played a big part in the James Beard listing moving to the #1 spot, so if I don't get the cash for dinner at Esca, I hope Aaron actually donates it to the James Beard Foundation.

just saw their donor

just saw their donor thing
donation made

Thanks for the write-up Aaron

This way when Dave Pasternack writes some more about this... which he most certainly will, this will show that his original assertion was incorrect. Notice I said original assertion... not the since back-tracking of sorts that has been made by other members of his company.

I'm really happy about how this turned out. I would have even been happy if Dave Pasternack won - because with all the effort he put into links and site changes, it would still prove the point that SEO is not a one time thing.

Very cool outcome all around

Very cool outcome all around :)

great job

I really liked some of those PPC ads... very creative.

Boser #1

Yup, I finally see that change in No. Cali @ 3PM PST

The upside is that every one of the misconceptions that Dave Pasternack and crew have been spewing about one-time SEO and all the other nonsense has been proven absolutely wrong.

Nice job in shooting his companies credibility in the foot and now having documented proof for all potential customers to read posted all over the internet that they're wrong and don't know what they're talking about.

Should boost sales.

Kudos to WebGuerrilla and GrayWolf

"The other data centers are probably reflecting the fact that GrayWolf's 301 had kicked in, which would clearly push my page to #1. Looks like we were off in our calculations by a couple of hours."

I see the change to "Boser #1" in North Texas.

Now I see why he allows (in certain cases, I guess) himself to be compensated on a "Pay For Performance" basis.

James Beard SEO?

Isnt the point being missed just a little here?
Just how much SEO went into that page to get to #1?
Not much I suspect which sort of supports Pasternacks view.
Even with the three big guns lining up together they still didnt win. How come?

Cabbage, maybe you missed

Cabbage, maybe you missed gregs post above?

The contest may be over....

But the fun has just begun. :)

Cabbage, wtf man?

I think you're missing the point that if it's that trivial then why isn't Dave Pasternack that shoots his mouth off about how easy it is at #1?

Think about this... if it *IS* that easy then it's obvious it's that easy for people like Oilman or Boser, the rocket scientists, I mean ROCKSTARS of SEO, of which Dave is neither.

If nothing else, the constant churn on the SERPs of the top 10 over the last month was fascinating to watch. On a daily basis things changed and completely blows the DP "one-time SEO" theory clear to hell.

This is good, I like it!

the fun has just

the fun has just begun...

All hail the new Caeser.

A moot point now..

But if you check for a 'winner' in the future it may be an idea to make sure your 'pesonalised results' are not being used :)

That was fun

Lets have another contest!

It was not personalized

It was not personalized results that favored the winner...I checked it logged out of my Google account as well and was same way. Plus personalized results would have probably favored Greg's site over the food site anyhow.


Good Job.

The actual donation to the james beard foundation.. classic..

kudos all around.

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