Bid Management Software Shares Bid Prices


BidBuddy lets the world see your bids:

BidBuddy, an Adwords bid management tool created by The Search Works leaks valuable Adwords data, such as CPC through its cookies. The bid management tool redirects visitors through the domain where it sets a cookie with the Adwords data.

Sorta makes you wonder about the value and sophistication of other third party bid management tools, eh? A small sample of other keywords and bid prices located here.

Hat tip to Martjin.



Doesn't everyone reading this consider that to be exposing competitive/proprietary information quite a bit too much?

From my perspective, that just seems unacceptable.


standard issues these days.. lol

Just because you're paranoid...

...doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

I've always refused to use 3rd party PPC management tools for exactly this reason.

I've taken a lot of flack for it over the last couple of years, but it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, IMHO.

Can anyone see JP online :)

Can anyone see JP online :) I guess he's got a sleepless night or two coming

Ho Hum....

.. I always thought it was funny for people to be paying money to these companies and giving them their keyword data.

Worse crimes have been committed

Our firm competes somewhat with The Search Works in Europe, and while I think they deserve castigation for this seemingly foolish lapse, I don't think for one minute that this is any justification at all for disparaging the entire 3rd party keyword management space.

Far, far worse crimes of poor management have been committed by people who've under-optimized their ppc campaigns for lack of a keyword management system.

The majority of the world's most successful keyword advertisers use a 3rd party keyword mgmt technology.

IMO, oftentimes those who knock the notion of 3rd party systems have a personal agenda that can be summarized as "Hell no to 3rd party keyword management systems; if we use that, then what will *I* be doing?"

JP and Dan

Care to comment guys???


PPC Don't Work Great Again!

Well, in my own view, I don't think PPC campaigns rock like they did some years back.

With the introduction of Ad Publishing on every Tom, Dick & Harry's websites, it is only a matter of time, before advertisers alike witness huge inflation in their PPC ads' costs.

Like Google increasing it's PPC rate and some syndicate motivating people to click on ads on their website(s) in order to get their own fair share of the ever mouth-watering Ads revenue.

I know when to run PPC campaigns and when not to run. It has been shown by my 3rd party analytics scripts that the festive period is the best period to run "carefully" chosen keyword-based PPC ads. Other times, I use Joint Venture to drive massive traffic to my website sleazy URL drop deleted At other times, I place ads on big websites targeting my audience at quite affordable prices.

Jeez Paul...

If it's that easy you really don't need to drop your url here.

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