Report : Register Fly's CEO spent company funds on liposuction surgery and escort services

A lawsuit filed by RegisterFly’s parent company, Unified Names, blames the meltdown on misuse of company funds by President and CEO Kevin Medina, who was fired by the company’s board. The suit alleges that Medina spent company funds on liposuction surgery and escort services

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Founders Note:
At least something got renewed over there... might not of been a domain name though....


Online Application

Heh now that's a great title! Where can I sign up for a job!

Seriously I've been trying to transfer domains off their service for about a week and am getting no response to my emails.

Who needed

the lipo? Kevin or his escorts?

Seriously I've been trying

Seriously I've been trying to transfer domains off their service for about a week and am getting no response to my emails.

Consider the domains gone. I know two people who have been trying for months to get domains off RegisterFly. Eventually the domains expire and they take them over to auction off or rake in PPC money.

how to get them out

ok here's how to get them out

unlock the domains
cancel privacy
list all domains and copy to a spreadsheet
go through every one by one and edit the contact info
go back any copy each individual authorization code to your sheet
do a bulk transfer on your register of choice

the only ones I wasn't able to get out this way are within the 60 day renewal period, if you get really stuck drop me a PM and I'll see if I can give more detailed instructions.

Tried that

I tried what you suggested but I cannot for some reason get the changes to stick. Keep getting an error message. Any clues how to get around this?



You mean its NOT OK to hire hookers with company money???

Oh man, I'm in deep trouble...

I suppose next your going to tell me that its not OK to buy illegal drugs with company money either...

Someone is ?squeezing all the fun out of running a business.

Hmmm graywolf...

...any tips on how to get our Quick Checkout funds refunded?


good luck, they double charged me and then didn't renew the names. I made a big stink and they gave me credit. I used it to renew everything before transferring, seemed the only way to make use of the funds.

Any other (unfortunate) RegisterFly users...

...know what I'm waiting for after the new registrar I am transferring my RegisterFly domains to accepts the Auth Codes I was finally able to get from RF? The new registrar states "Accept transfer at the current registrar [i.e. RegisterFly]." I do not see anything to "inititate" or "complete" the transfer at RegisterFly. Am I waiting for an e-mail from RegisterFly? I don't really see any "tranfer to other" type menu option (only a "push to external" option which reads like it is for setting up a new RegisterFly account for a [new] user to receive domains purchased from another RF user). Or did they disable this menu option??? Man, this is really pissing me off.



...they [RegisterFly] are supposed to send a confirmation e-mail but will not. So just wait five days for the process to autocomplete.



Stephen you have to go into the contact info and scroll all the way down to the bottom it's listed there. Each domain has a unique code ...


...I am past the Auth Codes part. RF is supposed to then send an e-mail confirmation to the registrant who holds the domains currently. I guess that is the piece they are not doing for many (and now me). In the e-mail is supposed to be the ability to cancel the transfer (if it is a bogus transfer). It defaults to like 5 days (if nothing is heard back from that e-mail) and then auto-transfers after that. At least that is what I hear rumbling around.


How many years is it now and

How many years is it now and ICANNt won't step in.

confirmation email

some of mine came through some are floating in some vacuum of a time space disturbance


As a former / (current?) registerfly user, this whole thing has irritated me so much. I just don't even want to use a reseller of anything ever again.

I tried to switch the domains over to Enom, who registerfly was doing business with -- but even they are pissing me off. They said registerfly's customer service sucked, well they should look in the mirror as well.

What is a good registrar?

I was pretty happy with BulkRegister, but when they got bought by Enom the service went to pieces. I only hear bad things these days about Go Daddy. Is there a registrar that does not suck?

Never had problems

with but them I've never had problems with, hopefully godaddy have learnt a lesson with this and will act diffently if it happens again.

Maybe if the hookers were not taking so much money

If the hookers were not taking so much money then they could of allocated the money to a support staff.

I can't get an Auth number

How do you get an authorization number from them? I can't let this domain "expire" I spend $3500 on it.

Any suggestions (as I patiently listen to the music on hold with RF).


Can't change contact info

I've been trying for days, but can't change my contact information on my registerfly account to affect the transfer, so my authorization codes etc are being sent to an email address that I no longer use and can't get access to. Any suggestions?

new account

create a new account with the right contact info and push the domain there for free. Worked for me back in march don't know if they closed the hole or not

Didin't work

Tried your suggestion of pushing the domains but wound up with the same incorrect email address. Any other suggestions. I'm really getting frustrated with this thing!!!

Nor working

Not sure what i'm doing wrong but the information keeps reverting to the old information which i used to register. After I try the change I'm getting an "Error: Access Control Violation - Stored procedure failure" message. has this happened to anyone else?

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