Dave Pasternack Says SEOs Need to Grow Up


David Pasternack asks for trouble, doesn't he. See his latest post SEO contest reveals limits of SEO

Would you be so kind to reveal to your readers what SEO tactics you used to avoid plummeting down to page X of the search results or do they have to read about it elsewhere?

Typing "David Pasternack" into the Search Box might provide some enlightenment.

From what I heart did you not just sit there doing nothing, but did "funny things" as well. Lets start with changing your own website and take it from there.


I will have more to say about this contest in the future, because I believe that it is actually a good thing that it happened. It stimulated a new round of soul-searching within the SEM industry by forcing a discussion about what this industry really does, and whether it still needs to "grow up" before it's taken seriously by the mainstream business establishment.

p.s. SEO contests are stupid and I agree with the statements other SEO's made after they saw you doing stupid things as a result of the contest and the fact that there is another David Pasternack that is affected by this bad media. This causes too much harm to innocent people that are not part of this to proceed.
Btw. I was not participating in this ridicules contest. My SEJ posts used to rank on page 1 and were pushed to the second page at Google because of this contest, but who cares.


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The title

The title should be "AssClown takes center ring in SEO circus"

Gee Really?

Go figure... great link bait and the SEO industry have become his favorite toy. I personally don't care about the whole damned mess - BUT do worry about the implications. I would hate to see SEOs known as the bullies of the internet - SEO is still a young industry and I can't see how any of this is positive in the long run.

The other day some one here suggested a 'Pasternik' (nice spelling) contest for Go Daddy.. as some 'shite publicity' was deserverd. Puulleeaaazze. Am I back in fishing grade school here folks? "Let's go gang up on that guy"?

I am sure it has been peachy for all involved, now tho it seems, even the innocent can be inadvertently involved. More-over, the very reputation of SEOs in general is at play.

Or at least that's me... all of this Pasternack, Calcainis not to mention MyBlogLog boycott and the like - are starting to make my stomach turn....

Anyone remember 'Matt Baiting' - it could become 'SEO Baiting' for the rest of the marketing world real soon....

Its run its course

It was fun while it lasted and probably made good 'ol Dave much more famous. Its probably time to let things go and spend our time on less frivolous activities.

Ignore Dave and He Will Go Away... Maybe

I think the best thing we can all do now is to simply ignore this guy and he will go away. It is obvious that he enjoys the limelight we have given him. Myself, I no longer care what the guy has to say. He is only a speck of dust out of so many reputable people in this industry.

summary anybody?!

Has anybody a nice summary of all the stuff D. did? Greg mentioned a few on Rockstars and Michael was posting also stuff. Anybody cares to write a nice summary? That says much more about him than just another rant yelling at him how stupid he is.

I am curious if my comment is being published at the DMNews blog. The last one wasn't and I had to pack it into a nice box and make it a special delivery hehe

SEO contest reveals limits of Dave Pasternack, not SEO


Dear Dave,

I beg to differ that anyone was "engaged in a debate" with you for months. It was more like you shot your mouth off and were taken to task publicly, to put your money where your mouth was, a task you lost yet didn't learn from.

Perhaps you should stop taunting others and get busy fixing your own problems as it's obvious you can talk the talk, but we're not seeing you walk the walk.

While you're busy running down the SEO industry, where's your site in Yahoo?

It's been months now and all you have indexed in Yahoo is the following results:

1# results page

2# 400 Bad Request

3# results page

We're also curious about that tracking script looking for child+nude, would you mind explaining that?

You lost a stupid contest started because you kept taunting people, then tried to use a CANCER CHARITY as a carrot dangled to get others to do your SEO work for you, and now trying to make yourself look bigger by saying others are being childish and damaging an industry when in fact it's your own rhetoric that's inciting riots.

Try cleaning up your own backyard before you stick your nose in the business of others and then drink a nice big cup of STFU.

Just one thing

These entrants did exactly what I expected them to do: they reserved Dave Pasternack-oriented TLDs...

Had I known I could get a .dp domain, I might have entered the contest. I see .de, .dj, .dk, .dm, .do, .dz (Algeria is dz??), but no .dp.

I expected that he will say that he expected that... or so.

It's nice to say afterwards. "yes, that was what I had expected" ... that is sooo lame.
He expected that and did not spend the few dollars himself, just to protect his reputation.. well, what's left of it. What did he think he will accomplish by letting other people buy the domains with no good intention for their use? Ruin them? The $10 and less per registration will not put a SEO shop out of business... tsts

Grow up?

"I would not join any club that would have someone like me for a member." - Groucho Marx

To make a long story short,

To make a long story short, after two months, and the participation of more than 200 of the most aggressive SEO practitioners in the country (according to them), the final contest results support the assertions in my original DM News article. The Did-it Bio Page managed to "crush" all but one of the hundreds of pages created by the SEO's. And this result was achieved by applying the most basic and common-sense SEO rules and practices.

Is he serious here? I have always seen him listed around 5-6 on Google and no where on Yahoo.

Am I the only one who

Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit what Dave Pasternack says on a daily basis? The contest was funny and all, but is every post he makes regarding SEO really news? So the guy is clueless on a few things, he's not the first, and won't be the last.

More poop on a stick?

Dave Who?

Who is Dave Pasternack?

If he had any credibility in

If he had any credibility in the past I am not sure how he has any now. His droning has no value and I am moving this post off the home page.

Who is Dave Pasternack?

I heard he's a chef in NY

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