Commodore to enter PC Market


I still remember playing games on my Commodore 64 ... Well it appears they are getting into the PC Market.

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This is great stuff!

10 print "I love Commodore"
20 goto 10


load "game"
Press play on tape.

Also : in beta:


It was always

load "*",8,1 for me...I had the old school brown 1541 5-1/4" floppy drive that weighed about 30 pounds.

Oh the days of Jumpman...

Oh the days of Jumpman...

Blue Meanies from Outer

Blue Meanies from Outer Space! Bring back Blue Meanies from Outer Space!

NowI just have to go out in the garage and find my Vic 20!

They used to make PC's

back in the 80's and 90's, but gave up after the 386.

VIC-20/C64 days were good times. How can you beat the joy of typing out lines of code from the back of a magazine and then trying to find on which line you typed O instead of 0?

Just hope the build in the

Just hope the build in the fast load card...


They went bankrupt

Who are these guys?

Looks like the brand name

Looks like the brand name got sold off a few times over the years. Current owners are Yeahronimo Media Ventures.

Commodore sucks. Sinclair

Commodore sucks. Sinclair ZX81 was the computer for REAL boys :)

I'm with JasonD

Had a ZX Spectrum (48K mind you), oh those squidgy rubber keys...

Ahh the speccy. I loved it

Ahh the speccy. I loved it and moved to that (16k version 1st, then 2 * 48k machines and then the +, before it got bought by Sir Alan)

The ZX81 was my 1st proper baby though :)

>Had a ZX Spectrum (48K mind

>Had a ZX Spectrum (48K mind you),

Heh still got mine, I carved the whole thing into a foam carrying case which preserved it well over the years. I moved up to a Amstrad PC1512 after that. MS Office had nothing on "Ability" ;)

Bunch of old geezers


I wonder what OS this will

I wonder what OS this will run? If it is Windows Vista then who cares.

Bunch of old geezers<

Bunch of old geezers

< sarcasm >I don't know what you mean < / sarcasm >

commodore/ sinclair

I gotta throw in a vote for the TI-99. That thing rocked. Nothing like a good game of car wars, buck rogers, or burgertime.

Buck Rogers? What, it was in

Buck Rogers?

What, it was in black and white and to be continued next week?

for me...

it was the Timex Sinclair 1000...

I was quite upset when my first program exceeded memory, overflowed, erased the entire program I'd laboriously typed into that tiny keyboard.

Geez... are we showing our age, or what?

I've used such powerful machines for years now that I barely worry about sufficient memory or processing power...

the one true computer

The Amiga !

Then again I started on PETS and had all the model nunbers memorised along with their quirks the 3030 drives needed a sharp tap to settle the flopies for example.

Joystick with C64 games

My mrs just picked up a C64 joystick with thirty of the old games in the chip. Haven't tried it yet as still playing with ps3.


I loved my Commodore 64, with it's two external 5 1/4 floppy drives, and cassette tape storage, it was a rockin unit and blazing fast... for 64k.


I still have a box (somewhere) full of 5 1/4 floppys, all full of software for the C64...

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