Google experimenting with ad fonts


Did anyone notice that Google makes some adsense titles appear in italics, with no bold applied? Do they really think that this will attract more clicks? I doubt... Here's the screenshot:


computer/ browser type

I'm just wondering if that ad block may have been affected by the browser and computer is was displayed on in the same way browsing the web on a Mac looks different to a PC. Certainly if these units all looked like this I cant see them being particularly helpful :-)

Adsense have been trying

Will it work?

The screenshot was taken from Firefox 2 on a Windows machine. This is not browser or platform specific, as Brian has pointed out above.

I wonder how they at Google think this will work? Italics are normally used when you want a portion of text to stand out, when you want to stress something or when quoting someone.

The bulk of text on an average webpage is written in non-italicized, i.e. "normal" text. IMHO, the ads shown in italics will just make it easier for surfers to spot them and increase the ad blindness.

Certainly there aren't much webmasters out there who will italicize all or most of their website's links just to increase their PPC income.

All we can do is wait and see.

I think Google are looking

I think Google are looking at combating ad blindness for improving revenues - tweaking Adsense presentation on third-party sites, plus experimenting with background colours on Google's own results for PPC ads:

Painfully Obvious

Stating the painfully obvious here but blending becomes increasingly difficult when the format is variable or in flux.

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