Ethical Standards and The Search Engine Marketing Industry

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Ethical Standards and The Search Engine Marketing Industry
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Yep, ethics again...

Really, i do wish the whole search community would just grow up a little and open it's damn eyes. I fully expect to get tarred and feathered for my post in msg3 but what the hell, it's as important to me as it is to SEW member doppelganger who wrote the article being discussed: What the Search Engines Can Do which is the first part of a series of well written but dreadfully naive articles...

So get on over there and roast me, or do it right here if you like ;-)



Well, i didnt get the reaction i expected, in fact this has turned out (so far) to be one of the most grown up discussions on the whole subject of SE's and SEO's i've ever seen. Cracking stuff and hats off to doppelganger for not only maintaining his cool, but carrying him/herself with a fair degreee of dignity in the face of serious contention over the basis of the article.

There are some SEO's that may well agree with everything written and more in the article who are conspicuous in their absense though. Perhaps thats why it's turned out to be such a neat thread.

Outstanding contributions from chrisnrae and bakedjake and some funny comments from MrMackin. How does that guy always manage to sound so cool in so few words eh? - Must be an age thing *eek!* hehe...

Yea, It did

It did turn out to be a very good thread.

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