MySpace launching Digg killer

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... or so the story goes

MySpace News takes News to a whole new level by dynamically aggregating real-time news and blogs from top sites around the Web

Algo + Digg style voting, all monosyllabic to be "demographically tailored"?


I doubt it..

Visit Google News Sometimes.. you will see a list of crap that really does not belong there... an algo can't really 'pick' what the best news story is...

People are weird... what 'should be' the best news story really turns out not to be.. hence why Digg is popular...

It's not so much the story... it's how the person describes that story ... as compared to just using the headline from the story... you will notice on digg for example some extreme diffrences..

Plus another issue is that with digg... not everything is a news story... 1/2 of it is from a blog that came from someone personal opinion.... the other 1/3 is a picture that someone took...

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