Getting into Google News


Today i noticed a blog that's only a couple of weeks old in Google News - I've not seen blogs in there before (though im not saying they don't exist) and i've certainly not seen a site less than a month old in G News.

Good for them - they're an SEM company so possibly it's who you know rather than what you know? - So, why are we not in there and what can i do to change that?

I think we deserve to be don't you?


.. and a link to

"introduce yourself" ;OP

A comical approach

If you want a more comical approach, look at our ip addresses. If someone attempts to view TW using a Google ip just deliver them to a page asking why TW is not included in Google News or ask just thank them for lurking on TW.

I also think they seem to car

I also think they seem to care more about the professionalism (read edited) than they do about originality or usefulness of the content


Plan B

Ok, so if TW doesn't get included - THEN we start sending out lots of Press Releases ;-)


Everyone posting at once :-)


This post already has slightly whiney overtones heh... However they did it, and i'd guess that it was a "who you know" job, i don't wish them any ill will, one of them is a member here aswell :)

Maybe we should make an experiment out of this? I'll send an email later to suggest TW for inclusion - the last time i did it for another website it was turned down on the basis that it was only one person writing the news. So, we can strike these possible reasons for a negative answer from the list right away:

  • Only one person writing the news - That's not us
  • Too new - On the basis of this blogs inclusion, that's not us

Assuming failure, it would prove interesting to see why right?

There have been some, ummm, [

There have been some, ummm, questionable 'newspapers' from India making it, too. When I checked them out, they looked more like blogs with just enough newsfeeds and some rather skimpy 2-paragraph articles to get them in.

HHH! news-spamming, you gotta love the idea.

There has to be at least 5 pe

There has to be at least 5 people from the plex here (on their "own" time). Come-on guys, this blog should be in.

Are you gonna spill the beans

Are you gonna spill the beans on who it is Nick?


I mean that this blogs entries - everything they post, is in Google News, and on that basis, i can't see a good reason why TW should not be, can you?

Nick, The most effective w


The most effective way of getting into the news is to write a press release that makes a relevant/controversial/newsworthy comment about something topical within your chosen field.

I wouldn't have thought that writing an "interesting" press release would be much of a challenge for you! ;-)

Just remember that your first task is to get the editors attention!

I use who have an excellent PR distribution service.