AT&T Considered Buying Yahoo


At&T wanted to buy Yahoo, so now we can all enjoy low e-mail rates (per minute maybe)?

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Underscoring the shift in the balance of power between the two partners, AT&T is believed to have even considered buying Yahoo, whose share price has been under pressure for some time.

This is going to mix like oil and water...

Any oldtimers remember how AT&T treats mergers? This would be a good recap.

Anyone recall the AT&T / NCR merger?

Old Story (2000) regarding AT&T and how they treat mergers


That was a different AT&T,

That was a different AT&T, no?

if I were google

I'd give AT&T a billion or so to help them buy Yahoo. That'd be evil, though.


Do ASK and MSN now have a chance at not being the worst search engine now?

This would be a disaster of epic proportions

AT&T buying Yahoo would be a disaster of epic proportions. On par with disaster in the works regarding DaimlerChrysler

Trust me people, Those guys in Suits are not going to even understand what is going on with Yahoo.. their first step would be to hire some Ad Agency executive to run the thing for 'look and feel' then they would do a billion studies to see how to maximize revenue.. while halting research and development into search.. then they would outsource half the development overseas to cut down on costs.. in essance they would treat it the same way that Disney treated Go.Com ...


Must be cheering this on... full court.. with pom poms and miniskirts... singing 'we will, we will, rock you!'

Isn't the title a bit

Isn't the title a bit misleading? Believed to have considered buying Yahoo! is much different than "to buy" Yahoo!.

fixed it MrTurner

fixed it MrTurner

>disaster of epic

>disaster of epic proportions
>treat it the same way that Disney treated Go.Com ...

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. AT&T couldn't find their ass on the web if they used both hands.

If I was Google

If I was Google I'd make a really concerted effort to get anybody worth having out Yahoo out right now. How much convincing would it take ... "hmm absorbed by mothership without a clue" or get the endless Google Perks

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