Microsoft to sue 'cybersquatters'


Microsoft Corp. said it plans to file a new round of lawsuits in the U.S. and Britain this week against people it says are profiting from registering Internet domain names that contain the company's trademarked terms.

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Founders Note:
I guess I should rethink my idea of


side note: back in the tail

side note: back in the tail end of '99, when ICANN went with the 64 characters, I registered but then let it lapse after the Olympic Committee's legal team got me up to speed on trademark infringement, after I registered a few of their big terms, as well:) eheheheh I figured it was worth grabbing them while no one knew what the hell was going on and worry about it later. Luckily I focused on longer generics, and not other people's marks, as I did have to give up about 5 really good names. Looks like it's still sitting at godaddy where I left it.

They sure don't like those

They sure don't like those cybersquatters!

Back from August:

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