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MSN to run TV ad campaign
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For the first time in four years, MSN ads will appear on television, complimented by a large online campaign reaching 21 million users, accounting for more than 30% of the overall spend.

The supporting TV advertising campaign will be aired on a broad range of channels, including Channel 4 and ITV... The adverts are positioned to run during television and web coverage of several high-profile events over the up and coming weeks, including The Brit Awards and the film premiere of Oceans 12. TV ads will run in global markets including the UK, Canada (in English and French), Australia and Brazil.


Spotted in the Wild?

So, has anyone seen one yet? Are they secretly available for online viewing anywhere? Im just dying of curiosity...

CNN ran it yesterday

Nothing special. It's a glowing search box with silhouettes of images of topics you might search on behind it. It's a lot like that flash thing they link to from the main search page:

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