Cookies get a Reprieve in Spy Act

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Lawmakers To Rewrite 'Spy Act' To Exempt All Cookies
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There has been a lot of worry amongst advertisers in recent months over the "Spy Act", the anti-spyware bill H.R. 29, notably services that track visitors across multiple sites for ad delivery and behavioural targeting.

This is apparently to change. Mediapost report that the contraversial bill is being rewritten to exempt all cookies - so affiliates should be rather pleased aswell.

An early indication that efforts were paying off came last week when Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.)--chair of a House subcommittee on commerce, trade, and consumer protection--testified at a Congressional hearing that it might be a mistake to mandate consumer permission for third-party cookies. "Another challenge that we face as legislators is ensuring that our responses to the growing spyware problem don't penalize legitimate uses of similar information technology designed to monitor and prevent unauthorized activity," said Stearns. "Among some of the concerns expressed regarding H.R. 29 that will be examined as we continue to work on the bill are: Examining the need for an exception for cookies and the issues raised by third-party cookies, since the bill is intended to apply only to software," he stated.