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Googling the Bottom Line
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Quite a cute article on Wired today about SEO and how it affects a company's bottom line. Nice plug for oneupweb, the firm they interviewed so there, have another link guys, job well done heh..

Although my hunch was that the results would show benefit to cracking Google's top 30, I didn't realize just by how much. In fact, it is extraordinary. Oneupweb found that the first month a site appeared on the second or third page of Google results, traffic increased five times from the previous month, and in the second month, traffic was nine times greater. The number of unique visitors tripled when a company moved up from page two to page one, and in the second month doubled again to more than six times the traffic it received before it broke the top 10. More importantly, Oneupweb discovered a correlating impact on sales: 42 percent more the first month, and nearly double the second month.


Cinara Aphids

The slashdot thread is waaaay funnier heh..

One guy is claiming seo is not worth the $$$'s becuase he ranks no.1 for Cinara Aphids and Aramark norovirus without any effort at all...

from the slashdot thread

Wouldn't it be ironic for a Search Engine Optimization company to be on the 2nd, 3rd, or worse, even below, in Google's list? :-P

le sigh. I despair - how can so many nurds be so clueless?

Always nice for a chuckle.

I don't know that I would call Wired magazine "mainstream", but SEO is definitely funneling out into the more convential media day by day. Isn't it always kind of fun to chuckle at how even someone fairly technical describes our industry?

Nerds don't get it...marketers don't get it...but isn't it real nice when the lightbulb really DOES go on for a business owner? ;)

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