Tony Blair - No longer a Liar but is he Viral ?


Last Friday saw 2007's Comic Relief campaign hit its pinnacle. Included within the show we saw Tony Blair in an extremely funny sketch.

Google may no longer treat him as a liar,but I believe this will soon become one of the most popular videos ever, and is already onthe YouTube top viewed list for today is can we deconstruct it and see why it is going viral?

Is it simply because it is funny?
Is it becase you don't expect a world leader to partipate in something like this?
Or am I missing the secret sauce?


Anything different will do

It's because it's unusual to see someone in his position doing something like this. Great for the youth vote, don't you know.

It can't be because it's 'funny'. I found it about as funny as cockrot in a swamp.


Its the desperate floundering of a drowning man trying to paint over the cracks.

But no dissemination of

But no dissemination of "why" it is perceived as funny and a "win" by the masses ?

yeah but no but yeah but

ok - I'll bite.

I don't find it especially funny - but then I'm not a fan of Catherine Tate (all been done better by other people before imho - in this case Matt Lucas specifically)

But I did still find it funnier than normal for her sketches, and I think its a combination of not expecting to see a politician do this type of thing (like watching Angela Rippon dance :) ) and surprise at how good Blairzebub actually is when he gets to the 'bovvered' bit. Up to then I was unimpressed but I did actually laugh then - he's clearly a pretty good actor (hmm - better not comment there I think!)

As to why it will go viral, that's slightly different. Of the six times I've been sent links today, I think 3 people actually thought I would laugh, one sent it to me because he said it was so cringingly awful it was car crash TV, and the other 2 were saying "look how good Blair is in this". the PM being involved in pop culture isn't shocking in the way it would have been if, say, Maggie had made a personal appearance on Spitting Image, but its still interesting enough to have curiosity value.

I suspect no one from outside the UK is going to have a clue why its funny though. Too much cultural reference and politics must make it hard to understand for a lot of people. YouTube comments will be interesting to watch.

Im no Blair supporter

But I thought it worked well & the suprise of a less than usual serious Blair made most sit up and enjoy. Any more than 1 or 2 of those though and the novelty will drop off, you can just hear the PR departments brains ticking.

"it was so cringingly awful

"it was so cringingly awful it was car crash TV"
Embarrassing, next move big brother

Across The Pond

Ok coming from across the pond I have to say most of the "slang" was totally lost on me, however self deprecating humor works especially well with "stuffy" politicians and businessmen.

It was good

I'm no fan of Tony Blair's but I did laugh. This is probably the best thing he's ever done in office (apart from giving the Bank of England independence). From Gordon and me, mate, buy your Equity membership today.

As an Australian I

As an Australian I appreciated the humour, but some of the jokes were quite obviously UK centric so those were lost one me. But it was funny and looks like Blair is a good sport and actor.

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