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This post has now been altered to reflect subsequent developments.

On Friday, I discovered that Brett Tabke, the owner of WebmasterWord had registered the domain Threadwatch.net

Brett has since posted in the comments of this post as NeoSeo stating that he only registered the domain to pass it along to me:

Were did you want that domain name xfered too Nick?

It was mentioned on wmw that it was not owned - so I imedicatly grabbed it to save for you.

fyi: I've done the same for: searchengineforums.org/net/info/biz searchenginewatch/org/net/biz/co.uk/ wired.au/ and about 50 other top domains names. I've never made a penny off any of them - lost alot of money doing it.

Someone did the same for me about 5 years back and I vowed that if I saw expired domain names come up, I would save them if I knew the person and give them to them. All I ask is that you pass along the idea to someone else.

I also recieved an email to the same affect: Asking me to make a transfer request so that Brett could authorize it. I've attempted to do this twice but the domain is locked.

At present, the whois information reads as follows:

WebmasterWorld Inc (THREADWATCH-NET-DOM)
3801 cap tx hwy e240-181
Austin, TX 78746
[removed some phone numbers etc]


Awaiting the outcome

Although the intention has been said to be simply to pass the domain on to me, this has not happened yet. It shouldn't mean there is anything funny going on, as im sure Brett has other things to do during the weekend than mess around with domain names - which does beg the question, why register it at all however - So, for the moment im waiting for one of several possible outcomes:

  • The domain is unlocked - and the transfer goes through
  • Brett says he's changed his mind and wants to keep Threadwatch.net
  • I get so mind numbingly bored with pissing around that my brain curdles and the whole issue becomes a moot point anyway

Stay tuned...


record created..


Nothing like a bit of heathly competition, eh ?

Registrant PHD Software Systems

You could always try emailing

with an offer :-)

The tech contact email addres

The tech contact email address looks familiar too but the physical address looks unusual.

I have a (gut) feeling the physical address is legit but the email is not. Brett?

Now having read Cornwall's po

Now having read Cornwall's post and seeing the http://www.searchengineworld.com/engine/about.htm page I think it really is Brett.

I suppose business is business, but under WIPO arbitration rules I feel pretty certain Nick would win. I sure hope it doesn't come to that!

The only thing that looks odd in the registration..

..is the nameservers

Name Server: ns1.dr-parkingservices.com
Name Server: ns2.dr-parkingservices.com

The rest of the registration info can be rubbish, but at least the nemeservers have to have to be correct, even if it is to redirect.

Why would BT want to use a parking service, when he has access to plenty of his own nameservers

Wind up

Im inclined to think this is a wind up - i don't think Brett either has the time to do a TW clone, or with WMW's heavy weight userbase, the inclination...

Bill The Cat

Since you wont answer your email - I guess this way is the only way to contact you nick.

Were did you want that domain name xfered too Nick?

It was mentioned on wmw that it was not owned - so I imedicatly grabbed it to save for you.

fyi: I've done the same for: searchengineforums.org/net/info/biz searchenginewatch/org/net/biz/co.uk/ wired.au/ and about 50 other top domains names. I've never made a penny off any of them - lost alot of money doing it.

Someone did the same for me about 5 years back and I vowed that if I saw expired domain names come up, I would save them if I knew the person and give them to them. All I ask is that you pass along the idea to someone else.


The plot thickens...

First, i've not got an email - maybe you have an old one for me?

Second, although im loathe to look a gift horse in the horse, and if you are brett, then you have my thanks of course, we clearly need to establish your identity.

I have not banned the name Brett here so you'll forgive me if i take this with a pinch of salt untill we can settle who we're talking to heh...

my email is

- or just pm me - theres a "write to author" link at the bottom of this post.

For now, i'll shut down this thread untill things are clearer.



Well, i've verified that it's Brett - so, if you're reading, ill reply to your email with the xfer - once somebody explains to me what the hell an xfer is heh..!

It's still a little beyond me why BT wouldnt just send me a msg, but all is well that ends well so good stuff all round...

I'll leave the thread open for now, but there's nothing much else to tell for now, cheers..

Your old email evidently isn'

Your old email evidently isn't working (nickw@webmasterworld - where ever that redirects too) nickster. Checker your spam folder... ha!

Seriously - NFFC saved my butt on 3 different domains about 4 years ago, and I passed the favor along to Wilson, Danny, and even once for Malda.

web bar fight:
me fighting my brother.
me and my brother fighting the guys next door.
me, my brother, and the guys next door against everyone else.

WebmasterWorld Goes After ThreadWatch

Nick, the creator of a new great forum/blog named ThreadWatch posted an entry named WebmasterWorld Register Threadwatch.net - Is this a Wind Up?. Basically, it looks like someone over at WebmasterWorld, affiliated with searchengineworld.com, Brett Tabke, owner of WebmasterWorld -...


...and there I was, wondering why you didn't get the tw.net domain yourself Nick, as this site is clearly taking off... Good thinking, NeoSeo.


A great story, and an important one - always worth remembering that people can and do sometimes try and play on strong brand names by registering related domains for business purposes.

a good idea

and a really nice thing to do...


Did you guys work out the transfer yet?

I tried

But Godaddy tells me that the domain is locked - i've replied to the email that BT sent me but that is teh devnull@ one so im not sure if that's going to get through...

this is too funny

Looks like BT got caught with his pants down! As shak said somewhere in TW. Honest,the sheep backed onto me you honour ;)

I thought I was the SlyOldDog

Nice one Brett. As they say the real crime is getting caught :)

oh come on

Tabke meant what he said. If he had a buried agenda, he wouldn't have responded, right?

He didn't have much choice di

He didn't have much choice did he?

Someone with a PhD in a marketing subject should have realized it would be less political to send Nick an email if the motive was to be his guardian angel.

There are alot of choices her

There are alot of choices here based on alot of questions that came up. It is not as cut-n-dried as it was yesterday.
The first raised, is who owns threadwatch.com?

Change of registrant details in last 24 hours

I looked it up again to see if the transfer had been made, and noticed that someone has fine tuned yesterdays details on Whois

email is now

rather than

And registrant has changed from "PHD Software Systems" to " WebmasterWorld Inc "

But no sign of a transfer to Nick

Why are you being cryptic, Brett ?

There are alot of choices here based on a lot of questions that came up

Care to elaborate?

Like others in the thread, it seems to me that sending Nick an e-mail would have been the polite thing to do if your motivation was altruism. Registering the domain in your own name seems odd, and might cause some to think it was 'point scoring' or 'running interference' for some reason.

You should have known that Nick no longer participates in WMW and that the e-mail address you quoted would not be monitored, but perhaps that was just a slip up.

Contacting him through his recognised e-mail addresses would seem to be the logical thing to do (maybe you did - its not clear from the thread).

Many TW members used to be mods or admins at WMW, and are aware of the heated debates backstage that lead to many mods, of whom Nick was one, leaving.

If this is a genuine attempt at bridge building and 'letting the past go', then it is admirable - but it might be best to clarify that to remove all doubt.


Dear Valued Customer,

You recently purchased a domain registrar transfer for:

However, the current status of the above domain name is:

Domain names in this status cannot be transferred. Please contact your current registrar to resolve
+this issue.


I've updated the original post as this whole mess is now being published in various other places.

If anyone has good suggestions for a new domain name, send them to my pm box please...

Were ... too...

Were did you want that domain name xfered too Nick?

That was Tabke? I thought he could spell :)

why worry

Nick, you could transfer this site on any domain name and it would still work just as well.

It has what WMW lost/never had - great contributors, great content and a touch of style. More importantly, I suspect that some of the journalists that used to check out WMW for stories are now hooked into your RSS feed. Its an impressive achievement for a newish site, and bound to put a few noses out of joint.

Its easy to see why some might assume that was the real motivation behind the domain grab.

Don't know if this helps

Look at ICANN

Please note that you may not transfer your domain name to a new registrar within the first 60 days after initial registration, or the first 60 days after a transfer.

That could be the hold up...


Could be the hold up, sure. B

Could be the hold up, sure. But the crux of the matter seems to be;

There are alot of choices here based on alot of questions that came up. It is not as cut-n-dried as it was yesterday.
The first raised, is who owns threadwatch.com?

If I bought someone's domain to "keep" it for them, I'd have registered it in their name and given them proper access to claim it. Pretty simple really.

I certainly wouldn't have sent email to an address I knew the recipient wasn't likely to use or check, especially when a very public email address is so accessible.

Perfect example...

...of something that probably doesn't need to be discussed in a public forum. If there were bad intentions, I'm sure the issue could have been raised later...now every one just gets to come up with conspiracy theories or whatever else.

Did you you name the site threadwatch because you monitor a bunch of forums Nick, or because SEO's are more gossipy than a sewing circle? :) I guess the world thrives on controversy. Guess I'm just stirrin' the pot with a comment too;)

Everything I know...

...about BT says he's got that domain (fast - to be sure) with the best intentions...

There are alot of choices her

There are alot of choices here based on alot of questions that came up. It is not as cut-n-dried as it was yesterday.
The first raised, is who owns threadwatch.com?

Such as? Doing the shaft :)?

That quote is so abstract it could be from the Bible.

It's all about perceptions re

It's all about perceptions really, isn't it? Domain name transfers aren't really that complicated now are they? Whole issue could be cleared up in minutes. A forthright statement is all that it takes. No need for vague statements that give rise to conjecture.

I still think it is a wind up..

..but in the end it really does not matter whether you own threadwatch.net or not.

If the purpose of the exercise is cybersquatting and using the domain name to illegally divert potential customers of threadwatch.org, then the cybersquatter is unlikely to win.

If the aim is to run a website at threadwatch.net for something else, say sewing thread, then it is still doubtful that a registrant can win, have a look at the Easyjet case history of domains - this refers to a UK court case mind you.

In the end having lawyers in helps nobody. As most of the traffic to TW comes from links, you do not need the dot net version any more than any of the other TLDs.

If the purpose is a wind up, then just lock the thread and forget about it.

Forget about him

>If the purpose is a wind up, then just lock the thread and forget about it.

Well said. Let's move on.

> choices? Such as - the t

> choices?

Such as - the threadwatch.com owner wanting it too.

I just want it out of my hands - it won't transfer and won't delete. I don't think you can xfer a domain within 30 days of ownership any more?

60 days?

I think there is a 60 day period where domain ownership can not be transfered.

It all seems a lot of fuss ov

It all seems a lot of fuss over something which could be so simple. A competitor has registed a variation of your site's name (for whatever reason - who cares), but has offered to transfer it to you at cost. So, it's not a case of legislation, arbitration or anything - there's no disagreement.

You can't transfer between registrars before the 60 days is up after a registration, so Nick probably needs to open an empty account at dotregistrar.com and Brett needs to move the domain into that new account. If there's a lack of trust from either side about the transaction (for any reason), then I'm sure that you have a number of mutual friends who could act as arbiter or even escrow if things are really bad.


So, let's get the last little hurdle out of the way then encyclo:

Such as - the threadwatch.com owner wanting it too.

Brett, do you still intend to transfer that domain to me?


Yea, the 60 day thing has gotten in the way for me a few times.

ThreadWatch - A Rose By Any Other Name

There's an interesting thread in that fine blog, Threadwatch.org. Nick W, the owner had been concerned that Brett Tabke, who owns WebmasterWorld, had registered the domain Threadwatch.net It

Sound like school yard crying?

This thread seems to have gotten personal rather than focusing on what can be done.

If Brett intends to transfer the domain then he may when he chooses or is able with the waiting periods that are emposed. If you do get the domain then you have gotten lucky as anyone that saw the thread aw WMW could also have done so without the intension to transfer the domain.

I feel that by posting this thread prematurely before properly finding out his intensions, you made it personal. I believe if you have made an error and not register other variations of a domain or missed it becoming available, it is acceptable for others to register it for any purpose. Apparently you don't have the .com version either so what is the crying about?

The internet is part of today's business strategies and not a school ground where kids cry because someone won't let them play with their ball.

Welcome Scott

Welcome to Threadwatch Xscott, do introduce yourself here

my analogy

BT in a irrational moment of annoyance registers tw.net as a secret weapon in case one day he needs it.
NickW catches him in the act
BT bleats our the first thing that comes into his head.
Whole thing gets blown out of proportion through bored people like me following the saga on the weekend.
All this talk here maybe planting the seeds of something that was never intended in the first place.

So whether or not something happens you just need to get on with what you are doing. Nick W has a good headstart and loyal following, if BT wants to do the shaft then so be it. I am of to register webmasterworld.org ;)..see you later.


Scott, I see you are talking from experience. Nice to know that you didn't take it personally...

Introduce yourself here - Our Most Popular Page - 404

NickW, not sure if that was humor on your part or an embarrasing mistake of linking. Seeing that you should know where things are on your blog. "Our Most Popular Page - 404 File Not Found"

I do have to say that I have enjoyed reading much of what has been posted on your site and do not wish to put down the qulity of information available here as there is a great amount of open discussions.

No I don't take it personally. If you want there is .info .name .us and other variations possibly available also if you would like them. I registered the domain I wanted and feel I have no need for the others now, and if someone has use for another variation then let them use it.


Doesn't embarrass me in the slightest Scott, i make mistakes all the time, im only human hehe..

I just missed an / in http:// is all - here's the working link, sorry about that..


threadwatch vs. whereisyourwebsite

You might feel different when you have a site which actually has a recognizable brand name.

Oh come on now...

...we're supposed to believe BT couldn't get ahold of Nick? (He knows how to register a domain, but couldn't check the whois info on threadwatch.org to get a current email?) So he has to (conveniently) make a big public post flaunting to all the world what an incredibly altruistic, considerate, no-hard-feelings kinda guy he is (after their not-entirely-secret falling out at WMW)... Then when he isn't immediately publically lauded as some kind of charitable hero by the lucky recipient of his largesse, he suddenly starts threatening to give the domain to someone else?

Really, if he'd registered it for Nick out of the kindness of his heart, he could have registered it in Nick's name, with Nick's public WHOIS info, and just given Nick the access information (privately, through email) to manage the domain as he saw fit. Or he could have looked up Nick's contact info on WHOIS and contacted him privately about arranging the transfer.

IF he had REALLY registered it with the sole intention of giving it to Nick, would the threadwatch.com owner's feelings about it really matter? Of course not.

I suppose my WMW Supporter's Forum access will finally be shut off after this... ah well. Couldn't let this one pass. It was just too transparently absurd.

With all the Domain Leaches at WMW

What if BT would have taken the time to look up Nick's whois info and then created a new account for Nick? How long would have that taken? 10-15min? 5min if in a hurry, possibly wait for confirmation email to verify account. And if he didn't get a phone call or other interuption it still would have taken much longer to create a new account.

With all the people at WMW that are Domain Leaches, and look for a variation of well known sites, we could be having a similar discussion saying why didn't BT just registar it in his name which would be much faster.

I say let it play out and see where it goes.

NickW - Thanks that link worked.

A friendly heads up

Why could Brett not just email nick and say

"hey nick threadwatch.net is available and if you are quick you will be able to get it for yourself"

That sounds a simple way to me instead of going all round the houses making offers...

it won't transfer and won't delete...

In the meantine...the current owner could just alter the dns on the Registrar to point to the Threadwatch dns, and Nick just puts on a redirect of dot net to dot org on his dns

Threadwatch nameservers are given as

And for what its worth, I see that the current admin contact for threadwatch.net is:-

Administrative Contact:
Barrel of Monkeys

and the current Tech contact is:-
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:

From an earlier post by NeoSeo in this thread, I assume that this Bill but be "Bill the Cat"

Looks like quite a menagerie running domain registrations at WMW :-)

A Solution has Been Found

Well, for now, weird changes to whois aside, i think we could afford to give Brett the benefit of the doubt and allow him the opportunity to do what he said he wanted to do.

Brett, here's how you can transfer the domain today

I have set up an account with dotregistrar.com and they tell me it's very easy for you to just move threadwatch.net to my account. In fact, here are the instructions they sent me - my account name is: Comcontent

Dear Nick,

Thanks for your email.

The other account holder will have to move the domain to your account
following the instructions below.

1. Log into the account where the domain is placed;

2. Use the option "Listing Domains";

3. Select the domain you wish to modify;

4. Enter the key;

5. Click on the "I agree" button;

6. In the new window choose, "Transfer to Account:";

7. Enter the account name (type the account name);

8. Click on "Existent account".

The domain will be moved to the desired account as a result of this action.

Should you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to let me know.

There, couldn't be simpler, and now i trust we can put this one to bed and all move on - it wasn't the best way to save a domain for me but as you've stated your intention to transfer it to me, i'll thank you for that - just let me know your paypal details and i'll whizz some $$$'s over to your for your trouble.


ADDED Would someone with a wmw account please sticky brett and let him know about this post? He may be thinking that he cant do anything for another 2mts and not be monitoring this thread anymore...

Nick, don't tell me...

...you didn't set up a new (proxied) WMW account. Or do you just not want to give that away - LOL?

Anyway, I'm sure BT will react shortly, unless of course... Waddaya know about the .com version? How badly do they need the .net?

So, how is the transfer going

So, how is the transfer going?

wmw down?

anyone having trouble getting to WMW?

sorry to post this here...

No Transfer

No paul, no trouble.

No, no transfer littleman....

I have the dotregistrar account, have posted instructions, BT has been stickied by at least 3 people but it has not happened yet?

I am Jack's...

...complete lack of surprise.

Access to WMW

Kpaul, im hearing some others have that trouble - it couldn't be related to this surely?

Did you send BT a sticky about my solution above?
Are you able to access wmw now?

renamed "MODS UNSAFE"?

So, this is how I am expected to be treated once I quit WMW? You better believe I'm hiding my identity. We are all seeing this, and it is getting many of us mods uneasy.


Dude, you need to ping me if that comment is to stand ok? you know where to get me im sure...


Anything? An email exchange at least?



Just wondered if the transfer had happened?


Sorry for the late reply!

No, Threadwatch.net has not been transfered.

  • Brett Tabke stated that he wished to transfer it, and that was his only reason for registering it.
  • I provided Brett with simple instructions on how to do just that
  • Brett was sent at least a half dozen sticky mails regarding how to transfer the domain at WebmasterWorld by members and moderators of his forums
  • And Threadwatch.net remains registered with him.

At this stage, i can only assume that Brett does not intend to transfer the domain, despite his statement otherwise and all of the above.


Looks like this is available if anyone wants to buy it for Nick:)

Night night.


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