Kinderstart suit against google dismissed


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The suit was dismissed without leave to ammend, I think that means they have no case, and also got themselves sanctioned by the judge, whatever that means. Perhaps some legal minds can enlighten?


It sounds like Yu are out of

It sounds like Yu are out of luck.

In short it means you can't sue Google for their serps

This case means that you can't sue Google for their results. If Kinderstart was allowed to win this, it would open up a flood of lawsuits from every Tom, Dick and Harry saying that their site isn't #1 for Viagra.

Yu Lose!

It seems that Wikipedia has picked up on this. Yu's blunder is forever memorialized at Whenever anybody Googles his name, this little factoid will be showing up.

In an age where reputation is easily memorialized and discovered, attorneys might want to think twice before filing frivolous lawsuits.

Fuck Yu

It had to be said

You Have To Be a Huge Loser To Get Sanctioned Under Rule 11

It takes some serious work in the USA to file a lawsuit that leads to a Rule 11 sanctions award. The legal standard by itself is hard to satisfy (I forget the exact language, but basically the suit has to be totally, irredeemably frivolous) and even when you have a case for sanctions most judges do not want to be bothered with sanctions motions.

The award of sanctions opens the door for Google collecting money for its attorneys fees, which usually is not the case in the US.

So, that tranlates (loosely)

So, that tranlates (loosely) to not just a "no", but a "HELL, no! Frickin' morons", kind of thing?

Basically, you got it

But you want to add a bit of, "And come over here so I can whop you on the head for a few minutes to show I mean it."

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