Snow white Matt Mullenweg calls the kettle black


I wasn't going to post this, but Matt went and deleted my comment on his post so now I feel I have to. Nothing I commented was untrue or mean, seems he just didn't want people to remember that he's one of the biggest fish to ever get caught selling links.

I couldn't care less who sells links, and I'll have to admit I liked knowing Matt was doing it, gave him some street cred in my book. But now he's outing others that do it? And not even an individual, but a whole company! WTF dude?

Check it out



he really deleted your comments? just a little hypocritical, don't you think?

and i remember when he was outed for that!


Nothing I commented was untrue

Well, if you commented that "he's one of the biggest fish ever caught selling links," it certainly was.

If you stated it as "he's one of the biggest fish ever caught massively spamming search engines," now that would be true.

Street cred??

Care to provide a list of things I can do to get "street cred"?


point taken beetle, same thing though in my book...actually what he did was a more advanced method of the same thing to me. and a spammer calling out spammers just irks the crap out of me.

traffick, play with everything, don't ignore anything? all I meant there is it was nice to know that someone at his level isn't afraid to try something like that. I wouldn't on Wordpress like he did, that was a bit much :)

BH, WH, Spammer, etc imo you've got to try everything these days to understand the game, even if you are snow white.

look in the mirror

everyone's innocent until investigated...

and everyone deletes comments off their site they don't happen to like


ok, perhaps I was a little harsh this morning when I posted this. I've had the first beer o the day and realize my ranty bits aren't needed, so sorry for that! (I'd edit the post, but it's a little late for that I think)

my point is still valid though.

This has come up many times

I think because of my previous mistakes I have a lot of perspective on the issue. In the two years since I have spent my time fighting web spam through things like Akismet.


nice to have you chime in Matt. I of course know you've been up to good things, I'm a huge WP fan and Akismet rocks, it just got under my skin when you deleted me instead of rebutting like I thought you would have added more cred to your post overall, just like you did here.

Pickled, if a blog author

Pickled, if a blog author doesn't want to publish any particular comments, they are perfectly entitled to.

You're not going to garner much credit complaining that other people should publish you wherever you post.

Had something to say that didn't get published on Matt's blog? Put it on your own blog. That's what publishing and blogging are about, isn't it?

I gotta disagree Brian. If

I gotta disagree Brian. If one aims to be a community leader and thought leader and is acting like a hypocrite they ought to let others call them out on their own is better than having 3rd party sites writing shit about them.

I'm with you, Aaron - just

I'm with you, Aaron - just because you don't like a comment doesn't mean you should delete it. Particularly in instances when someone's pointing out your hypocrisy - Rebecca reminded me of that this week. Glad you posted this, pickled, it's certainly a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Aaron and Rand, isn't that

Aaron and Rand, isn't that simply a case of wanting a higher degree of accountability? I figure you both have a pretty open and accomodating editorial policy.

Matt wants conveniently forgets Our shit don't stink but isn't it possibly more a case of him simply not understanding the situation?

After all, in the comment above, how on earth can someone seriously equate blog comment spam with paid blog postings?

Brian btw..

I did exactly what you said. TW is the blog I use for general web stuff like this. Still shouldn't have had to do it though, Matt's reply here would have been perfect on his own post and would have made his post much easier to stomach. Poor blog etiquette if you ask me, from someone that should really know better...especially on a sensitive topic like that.

Thanks for the support Aaron, Rand.

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