Rackspace bans Yahoo!

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Rackspace hates Yahoo? Or Vice Versa?
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How funny is THAT? - Well, not very funny at all for anyone hosted on Rackspace i guess..

Yahoo's Tim Mayer said:

A customer of a hosting company like rackspace may have a customer that is being hit by our crawler and not realize who it is so they report the IP to rackspace or another provider and they block the IP at the router level. This would cause other SE to have access and for us not to have access.


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This isn't the first time tha

This isn't the first time that RackSpace has jacked their customers like this. I seem to recall a ban on Gbot a couple years back or maybe it was Inktomi but either way - insanely stupid way to manage a data center like that.

Now you mention it..

Im almost certain it was Google - i think it was pretty big news over at wmw at the time right?

Its certainly not something you'd look for in a hosting company heh..

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There is a another perspective to this. Imagine your competition is ranking high in Yahoo and does not have dedicated hositng. For $5 a month you can join their shared hosting plan and then report all the spiders thus getting the hosting provider to ban the search engines. Your competition is now dead. Another reason to have good hosting.

We'll hear from Rackspace soon on this....

This is HUGE for me -- I'm a rackspace customer and have 3 large clusters hosted there for my primary sites. I've created a ticket and should be getting response from them within a few mins.

Even though I'm scared shit-less by this, I still vouch for Rackspace until they confirm the above. In my book, they're worth the premium they charge (and BOY, they charge a BIG ASS premium).

I'll post their response here soon.


A little idea on Rackspace's premium....

I just read the comments above -- just wanted to tell you that Rackspace isn't a budget provider -- it's one of the MOST EXPENSIVE provider out there with 100% SLA. Fortune 500 companies use Rackspace due to their support + top noch datacenter too. I'm paying atleast 3x more than I would pay at a normal provider like HostWay or Verio.

I'll update this thread in a bit with their response.

Rackspace's official response....

"... The main problem with that statement is "so they report the IP to rackspace or another provider and they block the IP at the router level" - that implies we block hosts in such a way that other customers would be affected.

When hosts are filtered, it happens in a hardware firewall solution which is limited to a customer's configuration, and even then it is at the customer's request.

Based on what I've seen, the more likely case is that they are in the DFW1 data center with the 72.x.x.x IPs, and it's still being filtered as a bogon by someone. While that entire IP block has been valid for many months now, some sites have not updated their filters, and will not communicate with it.

If you suspect that connectivity to a certain network is less than ideal, please let us know which IPs are involved and we will be happy to take a look.

Russell Kroll
Rackspace Managed Hosting ..."


Let me first say that I have several dedicated servers with Rackspace and have never had a problem.

But, recently, one site was not being spidered by Yahoo. I used the form on Yahoo's site to requeste reason. We got the standard response back that stated our site was banned for one of several reasons (interlinking / cloaking / no unique content, etc.). This particular site was a good quality site with completely unique content and no dodgy stuff so none of these reasons were true. The next step is to fill in the re-review form for Yahoo staff to re-evaluate whether site should be in their index. This can take 2-3 months. Strangely enough, 2 days after submitting that form, Yahoo spidered 5000 pages of site. Previously, they had not gone past homepage.

At the time I thought that was as a result of filling in re-review form but now, after hearing this, I don't know.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe it is nothing to do with above because although it hadn't spidered entire site, the Yahoo spider did hit the homepage and robots.txt every day. So that would suggest no problem with IP blocking or anything. Just seems a coincidence.

Where are your servers?

Keir -

Are your servers located in the new Dallas data center or another one of Rackspaces data centers? So far, I have only heard about this kind of problem from people hosting in the new facility.

Working with RS and Y!

I'm trying to get this resolved for my client (and other affected sites) and it's possible that Yahoo/Rackspace may have just been the first public victims of brand new IP's being used.

I'll keep you guys posted on what's happening, but for now, when you are suggesting to your clients that they get a dedicated IP address on a different Class "C", you should probably make sure that the new IP isn't so new that it's being blocked.

I doubt Rackspace is the only one using brand new IP's.


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