Is Google Responsible for Ruining the Internet?


I was just sitting here drinking my coffee and I had a thought. Far from making sense of the web as they purport to do, Google is single handedly turning it into a bloated disaster zone.

First they spouted the content mantra. Webmasters diligenlty pumed out millions of pages to satisfy the hungry cralwers.

Then they started the anchor text numbers game. People then went out and built millions of sites especially to promote their other pages.

Now we have adsense. Pages are now being made from crap especially to make as many adsense impressions as possible.

Add to that buying pagerank, blog and guestbook spamming (all due to Google's algorythms) and the rest and I wonder if it's a master plan to take down the net :)


Nice Doggie

I think Google is like a very large, energetic and fairly friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it even wags it's tail it wrecks havoc on the room and everything in it. I don't think they have been all that malicious but they are no saints either.

Much of the rest is just the way the cards were dealt when all the other search engines fell on their swords and left Google as the controlling interest in search.

Gotta say, the Internet and the Web and search were all much more fun and interesting back in 97 than it is now.


Of course even a conspiracy theorist like me could not believe that someone would be dastardly and clever enough to ruin the internet as well as google has managed by pure bumbling.

I think there were 2 main factors - the pagerank indicator and the google dances. This is what made Google a cult search engine. And also what made them the engine to beat. Making part of their ranking algorithm public was a smart marketing move for promoting Google but in hindsight it was pretty foolish with regard to reverse engineering.

Anyhow like I say, it's fine for me from my small-minded selfish perspective, but on occasion I do have those moments when I think about my brother man :)

ooh - my chance to name drop

I worked with Tim Berners-Lee's brother, Mike, for a while.

Thoroughly nice bloke - gets a bit pissed off that everyone keeps calling him Tim by mistake.

Bit of a burden to carry that one, eh.

So it wasn't Al Gore that invented the web after all

Tim Berners-Lee has been named Greatest Briton 2004


Google haven't necessarily taken the best approach to certain issues - perhaps their huge reliance on automation to deal with spam issues for one.

But blame Google for what's on the internet? Nah.

Blame Tim Berners-Lee. :D

it's the old bigger than U scenario

We’re bigger than U so we are gonna play the games we want to and with our rules -- it’s like being your own God.

How long before they fall, I wonder?

Yes, they are.

>bloated paragraphs of (tedious) waffle on the home page to stuff as many >keywords as possible...

my least favorite thing in the world, all these horrid ugly little sites with tiny body text paragraphs placed near the header. Reworking your text so you get the snippet you want in the description!?! I'd certainly rather use a @#$% metatag for this (but I guess I can't blame Google for not counting metatags).

Regurgitating the dregs of corporate twaddle on your site in the form of keyword-rich press releases, so you can have fresh content.

Forums with fake posts. Mind-boggling workarounds to make forums 'SEO friendly.'


that's enough--I'm getting mad


There's about 100 or so online at the moment - fridays are usually quite busy - i blame the UK guys, it's pub chucking out time there and they're all pissed and posting hehe


Yes. Best resisted. I always regret doing that!

Google's not perfect, but can't blame them this time

Do we blame DMOZ for self-serving editors who break their T&C?
Do we blame affiliate programs for spam?

We can always say not enough is being done, but we can not say Google is the reason for it. If there is money to be made people will manipulate the system anyway they can. If you really want to point to one thing, blame capitalism. Personally I enjoy capitalism.

Lot's of people up tonight. I

Lot's of people up tonight. I thought I'd have to wait until monday to see anyone else.

Took the words..

right out of my mouth qwerty. If it hadn't been google it would have been someone else - once something gets that large anything you introduce to it, particulary $$$'s will skew it..

There are some particulary fucked up things they've done to it that are far beyond the call of duty though IMO

  • Sandbox - How dare they?
  • PageRank - Ooops i think we may have boobed here Larry!
  • Scaremongering FUD within the webmaster community - bad move for everyone treating folks like idiots IMO

But apart from that, im rather fond of them still, even if they are losing their cool a little bit :-)

I'm still fond of them too Ni

I'm still fond of them too Nick. It would be much harder for people like me to make money if there was no Google :))

But I mean come on. No one company has had such a disaterous effect on the content of the web. Successful webpages look daft to the untrained eye. Weird looking internal anchor, links pages full of nonsense, Silly page titles made for keyword density and to hit the money keywords, bloated paragraphs of (tedious) waffle on the home page to stuff as many keywords as possible and synonym stuffing for LSI boosts, keyword repetition, nonsense subdomains to increase the value of anchor text, pages with dozens of odd looking links at the bottom to seemingly unrelated sites....and that is just on page factors!

90% of the distortion is down to 2 variables: pagerank and anchor text.

If they hadn't done it

someone else would have. I don't blame G for trying to make sense of the web. No matter who came up with a way to judge value, whatever that way may have been, someone would have found a way to game it.