Everyone is Going Interactive, and it is Dumb


The Onion added video news, which is fun, but most of this interactive stuff is garbage. MarketWatch added a stock predictor which allows you to vote if a stock will go up or down that day - wow.

My favorite piece of social interaction from yesterday was when a social media user claimed that a blog about Forex was spreading a story to pump and dump the US Dollar. Given that many of these social media users are ... um ... rather uneducated, is it wrong to produce stories that cater to their ignorance?



Someone complaining about ForexBlog? The idiots don't know it is independent..... and that thinking a blog post can swing international currency rates is really naive


In my youtube travels I came across an irritable bowel syndrome video. Kudos for stepping up and trying, but the production value sucked and didn't lend much authenticity (full disclaimer my videos suck from a production angle too). However getting a real doctor to sit down in his office and talk about in a meaningful and believable way would be worth the effort IMHO.

Local car dealerships have

Local car dealerships have self-produced TV commercials for many years. They suck, but why do they keep doing them?

Yeah, I guess they're having

Yeah, I guess they're having fun. "Social Media" and "interactivity" is the new big thing, and I guess makes it easy for people to participate, so that's a good thing, as it allows "regular" (non-Web technical) people to get more involved in the Web and communicate broadly.

I'm not saying the content is all bad (I wouldn't know), but I'm thinking that at some point, the quality has to be stepped up, or those with better quality that proves to be a real draw with some portion of the public will win the game, at least in their sphere.

Or, I could be wrong. :) But it looks like Social Media For The Masses is being leapt upon as the way to garner attention (I can't help thinking that this is a little too reminiscent of *cough* "eyeballs"). And anyone who's moderated forums, or a successful blog, knows that it's a lot of work, so I hope that they can actually do something with those eyeballs.

On another note, I've read some of the comments on the BBC site; boy, they turn into argumentative flame-fests pretty quickly.

Of course, you're

Of course, you're talking video too. I don't so much mind it, as it's a bit like TV (small bits of TV), though I wish the display was better.

Sometimes -- and this goes for commercial websites as much as anything else -- it's easier to illustrate something than it is to require people to read piles of text. And I'm kind of a "piles of text" girl myself. :)

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