Google to Clone DoubleClick, Microsoft Considers Buying DoubleClick


DoubleClick, which was recently taken private for $1.2 billion, may be up for sale for $2 billion. Microsoft is seen as a potential suitor. The Wall Street Journal report also claims that Google is aiming to create a DoubleClick-like product that could be unveiled in a few months:

The activity around DoubleClick comes as Internet giant Google Inc. eyes the online advertisement-serving market that forms part of DoubleClick's core activities. People familiar with the matter say Google is preparing a service it could announce within the next few months that could serve ads on sites for Web publishers or for advertisers even when Google itself hasn't sold the ads.


google ad server

there's been much whispering around the water cooler. if google addresses the ad-server market the same way they addressed the analytics market, then doubleclick and all the rest have a long row to hoe.

free-and-good-enough is hard to argue with for most site owners. they don't know and don't care what data mining is, so long as they get good functionality for nothing.

Google ad server

AdSense is in essense an ad server... all they need to do is fine tune what they already have... AdSense serves image ads and tracks things etc...

Battelle said GoogleClick

Battelle said GoogleClick will be free.

the news keeps rolling in

allegedly Google is considering purchasing DoubleClick:

Google Inc. has emerged along with Microsoft Corp. as a contender to buy DoubleClick Inc., presenting competition that stands to increase the final sale price of the online-advertising company, people familiar with the situation said in The Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft has appeared less likely to win the bidding as the potential price for the company surpassed $2 billion, people familiar with the situation said in the Journal.

Valleywag talks about why

Valleywag talks about why Google buying DoubleClick would be a good call:

The biggest problem that online publishers face is that there's no good way to sell their "remnant" inventory, the ad impressions which aren't sold directly. Even on sites desirable to advertisers, which are sold out, there's often plenty of space, because its difficult for site owners to project traffic levels: advertising is sold days or weeks before it runs; and a popular story, and an unexpected burst of traffic, brings no immediate benefit. In categories such as political news, the bulk of a site's inventory can remain unsold

That's funny. I block

That's funny.

I block AvenueA and Doubleclick with a visible warning box, so I am aware of the frequency of occurrence as I surf. Just this past month DoubleClick has appeared just about everywhere, and I was starting to wonder what the hay was going on.

Obviously the standards were lowered to boost the account/site/click numbers in preparation for sale or whatever. Or, suddenly DoubleClick is the new sliced bread for publishers.

Google's Smartness in Buying Related Websites

Google is really smart enough to look beyond his creation and buy things to enhance it's business. It is trying to look for places where it can ad more and also looking for customers from different zone to ad more.

There is no and to Search Engine Optimization and data mining, a way more and better business is waitingfor all.

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