Microsoft Marketing Widgets for Mobile Browsing with ZenZui


Not wanting to be left out of this week's mobile marketing initiative announcements from Google and Yahoo that won't matter to anyone except those of us who write "It's the Year of Mobile Marketing" and/or "It's the Year of the Widget"* blog posts, Microsoft announces wireless widgets designed to "deliver personalized marketing messages to cell phones."

According to Businessweek, ZenZui (meaning Zooming User Interface) - a Microsoft spin off company - will offer a tiled user interface, mobile entertainment and clickable content (how iPhone of them).

"The real promise of mobile marketing is the ability to create a very personal experience between a customer and a brand," Ellison says. (Scott Ellison, analyst with consultancy IDC) And since widgets are selected based on an individual consumer's interests and preferences, they're "about as personal as you can get"

Advertising-supported application will be free. Current content partners include Nike, ABC, Fox, and

* I count myself in that bunch - lol