which wordpress plugins?


I'm "advising" on a blog setup for SME. For safety-in-numbers, I told them to use WP. They'll need multi-author capability, trackback & comment spam protection, seo urls. They know jack about html, so some sort of wysiwyg editor (FCKeditor available for WP?).

What plugins are the MUST-have-du-jour for SEO? Wordpress blogging in general?


here's a few

seo title tag
category order
category visibility


dagon design sitemap generator
custom posts per page
recent posts
popular posts
wp cache
wordpress database backup

oh and

It's usually best to go with feedburner or the like right out of the gate

For "seo urls"

don't forget

- Trackback Validator (checks to see if the trackback actually has a link back to your post or not, catches the majority of spam)
- Did You Pass Math? (useful if you have comments turned on)
- Permalink Redirect (handles the redirect issues)

It's not a plugin, but I've compiled a rather large ping list that's useful to add.

And make sure you turn off posts by date as well as the previous/next internal linking.

If you're very adventurous you might want to try 'objection redirection or even 'Subster Rejuvenation'.


You don't really need a plugin for SEO-friendly URLs, you just need to set the permalinks properly. I use /%postname%/ as a custom one typically.


I use /%postname%/ too, but I think you will find that if you try yourdomain.com/your-post-name it will work as well as yourdomain.com/your-post-name/. Permalink redirect sorts that out. Goto the link I posted and take a read.

Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW)

Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW) does nice stuff both for Wordpress in general and SEO in particular.

be careful with tag page

be careful with tag page plugins. some of them end up creating neverending navigation and assloads of duplicate content.


I'd recommend the 'widgets' plugin so they can drag and drop widgets. Since they have no HTML skills I'd also recommend a blog client to make posting easier. Hell, I use a blog client because it makes posting quicker and formatting images is a snap. Blogdesk is easy to use, intuitive, and eliminates the need to constantly log in to the Admin.

here's my list


I second the blogdesk recommendation, and as aaron says those "tag" plugins often create more trouble than they are worth. If you want my full list of plugin's PM me no need to create a link brothel

Didn't want to do a link

Didn't want to do a link drop, rc, so I just PMed you. Essentially, I just posted the other day about just this topic on my developedtraffic.com blog.

Added: oh, I see that graywolf just posted a link, so since this may be of help to you and others:

For a SME, personally I'd

For a SME, personally I'd recommend keep it simple and use very few plugins - certainly at first - otherwise you're in danger of overcomplicating the experience for them, yourself, and the poor sod providing support.

SEO URLs: simply use the mod_rewrite permalinks for URLs - but set up as something like /%post_id%-%postname%.html as the permalink to ensure unique URLs with no folder complications..

Disallow all trackbacks but if comments allowed, "Did you Pass Math".

Aside from that, no other plugins until they get used to the system, then see what they would actually like from the options after - related posts, etc.


dr Dave's Spam Karma 2:

dr Dave's Spam Karma 2:
dr Dave's Spam Karma 2:
dr Dave's Spam Karma 2:
dr Dave's Spam Karma 2:

and don't forget
dr Dave's Spam Karma 2:

The reason I am pushing this one is because though akismet is good.. the Spam Karma2 one is less popular, hence people work much less to figure ways around it... have not gotten spammed in over a year... the day before I installed it it was averaging over 300 spam messages per day.

The Founder, are you using

The Founder, are you using *only* Spam Karma?

Don't forget...

Ultimate Google Analytics makes it super-simple to track where your exit traffic is heading.

Search Meter logs what keywords users type in your WP search box. Great for mining new topics once the initial rush of blog inspiration has evaporated.

Dax's Link-a-Dink plugin automatically switches set keywords to links. Perfect for making sure that every mention of the company links to the parent site.

Very nice list there graywolf

And if these haven't already been mentioned, here are a couple I like...

WP-Shortstat - for quick traffic stats.

Smart update pinger - pings only when you make a post, not when you edit an already published post.

re: Smart update pinger

I've tried that for a few years but had to delete it...smart update pinger ends up causing issues like duplicate posts with the latest version of wordpress--especially if you have a decent-sized ping list.

wp-shortstat? Not helpful for SEO purposes...I rely on log files for stats.


Come to think of it, I have noticed smart update pinger acting a little screwy on occasion. Maybe I'll get better results if I kill it.

As for shortstat, my blog is on cheap hosting and the stats kinda suck...

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