Another Reason to Cringe Before using WiFi (as we approach conference season)


After reading this article over at Yahoo Technology I began to remember some "experiments" at previous search conferences. Then I began to wonder how soon someone would turn an "experiment" into reality and really start being evil.

Just imagine someone getting a high speed connection at a search conference and then turning it into a free wifi which just happens to log every username, password, credit card etc.

As the article states:

...So what can you do about it? Sadly, not a lot, and all that security software on your laptop won't help ...

This could turn into a real nightmare. As for me I dont even use the free desktop computers they offer for email at those shows. I might be paranoid but I'm still around :).


Watch who you sleep with

Common sense is in order, those that are so naive, will get the digitial clap.



minnapple i dont think you

minnapple i dont think you fully read the article and the comments at yahoo. i understand more people need to use common sense when online. i have a hard time feeling bad for someone that lost money to one of the nigerian "i am a diposed dictator, with billions, help me now and i'll help you later" scams.

but this appears to be harder to sniff out. people are setting up wifi connections and using the same name as real wifi so your computer might automatically login. even if it doesnt automatically login, and you take the precaution of manually connecting it looks near identical to the legitimate ones so it is easy to fool people. then the scammers just lean back and collect data. imagine all of the live bloggers at conferences, i'm sure you could trick a few of them and get some nice data.

honeypot wifi in NYNY Vegas?

At the last pubcon, NYNY was charging something like $13/day for internet access. Louise fires up the laptop and though we're on the 20-something floor and surrounded by tons & tons of steel, there's an unsecured wifi available. Mostly because we were in still-seedy-just-beneath-the-surface Vegas, I told her to pay the hotel for access. Something smelled.

airport honeypots

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