The Wall Street Journal Publishes Advertorials

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A growing publishing trend is to make ads not look like ads, or presell the ads value on the trusted content site. The WSJ is hosting advertising content for UPS:

By having the site hosted by WSJ Online and Dow Jones, UPS is able to provide a more relevant creative aspect associated with its services than could be found by linking directly to UPS itself, said Eddie Austin, VP/Associate Media Director for The Martin Agency.
"The real creatives are publishers. Media is the creative now. How you execute with the media is where people are getting excited, and that's where we see ourselves moving," said Quinn.

If this picks up amongst many authoritative publishers Google is going to need to move away from seeing a site as a site, and start trusting smaller sites more.

Here is the special advertorial section, and here is the robots.txt file.


Next they will be selling real news stories

This is exactly what happens when you run a news source that still has to rely on newspaper boys, ink, and cutting trees.

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