You A 'Spammy Webmaster'? Watch Your Back


From Google Webmaster Central, via Dublin, via Germany - An update on spam reporting

In 2006 one of our initiatives in the area of communication was to notify some webmasters in case of a violation of our Webmaster Guidelines (e.g. by using a "particular search engine friendly" software that generates doorways as an extra). No small number of these good-will emails to webmasters have been brought about by spam reports from our users.

We are proud of our users who alert us to potential abuses for the sake of the whole internet community. We appreciate this even more, as PageRankā„¢ (and thus Google search) is based on a democratic principle, i.e. a webmaster is giving other sites a "vote" of approval by linking to it.

In 2007 as an extension and complement of this democratic principle, we want to further increase our users' awareness of webmaster practices that do or do not conform to Google's standards. Such informed users are then able to take counter-action against webspam by filing spam reports. By doing so a mutually beneficial process can be initiated. Ultimately, not only will all Google users benefit from the best possible search quality, but also will spammy webmasters realize that their attempts to unfairly manipulate their site's ranking will pay off less and less.

Got that?


>> Got that? I hear ya ;)

>> Got that?

I hear ya ;)

informed users are then

informed users are then able to take counter-action against webspam by filing spam reports.

Google have offered this for years, and webmaster forums are usually filled with grumbles that these seem forever ignored.

>> these seem forever

>> these seem forever ignored.

There are ways and means....

just more evidence that

just more evidence that Google is finally going to attempt to clean up spam in Europe.

Or spend more time looking

Or spend more time looking for algorithmic methods of responding to spam reports. :)

Check this out...

I'd be willing to be that at some point in the past, I've seen the software some time that creates pages like these:

Now... if I'm a SE engineer, I think that there are enough similarities that I can actually program the spider to ignore, de-valute, whatever pages like this.

Since G is being a bit vague (a "particular search engine friendly" software), I'm not saying that they are targeting whatever software was used to generate those sites above or those sites... but just thinking about their statement...

I think that there are software suites out there that would not give away so many tell tale signs. Yes, I use SE software myself.

But when I feed two similar pages into the SE software... even if the advice received is similar... I don't necessarily use every bit of advice given. I take and leave some of it.

And if some one with a similar page/site used the same SE software as I and had similar advice... their site/pages would not look like mine. So in some ways... this is more scare tactics, but in others, depending on the exact software.. it may not just be hot air.

unless you're seen as a "good guy"

These type of pages have frustrated me about

Not sure about these particular pages, but others of this formula I've looked at tend to have the 'wikipedia effect' of appearing high in Google results. I've also never been able to locate one of these pages direct from their home page either.

edited the active link part

edited the active link part out of the ehow rant... no point juicing them up more while complaining about them ranking too well already :)

I think


thanks for this report.
I think, that there are software suites out there that would not give away so many tell tale signs.

[Edit. Because it's Friday ... Wanker]

@ antisexy Duude, that's

@ antisexy

Duude, that's weak. Do you think people here won't spot links on punctuation? Hell, some of us INVENTED that shit...

INVENTED that shit...He,

INVENTED that shit...

He, he, I thought held the patent for that.

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