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A couple of threads from past few days speculating on how G may be basing evaluations on sites rather than pages from sites. The first, from WMW has Tedster musing ''brainstorm: How might Google measure the site, and not just a page?' ...

This is my conjecture, but what if Google is now working with domain-wide semantic factors a bit more strongly than in the past?

Some are seeing a strange trend toward SERPs that rank higher level pages that are actually one click away from the real "meat" - now what's that all about?

And then, via seoroundtable, reporting on a Digital Point thread, a discussion on consolidating some AdWords spends ...

A DigitalPoint member writes that he originally had managed an AdWords campaign across several domains and received a "Great" quality score for his keyword groups. However, ever since he has begun consolidating his AdWords campaigns on one domain, his quality score plummets.

Clearly there is a domain name Quality Score that is affecting us. It seems when using individual domains names the success or failure of an individual ad group/keyword does not affect the others, but when it all goes to the same domain name it seems tied into each other.


Re: Adwords Quality Score

I believe that with Adwords there is a Keyword Level Quality Score and an Account Level Quality Score. At the Account Level the Quality Score is comprised of: Domain and overall account CTR.

>>domain name Quality Score

I have noticed that my dictionary word domains have been given a boost in the SERPs. This has happened recently and suddenly where domains that were normally on page 30 for an exact match search (without the extension) are now #1 or on the first page.


From what I have seen, google has had domains on some type of scoring system for a very long time, maybe even as long as PageRank has been around.

We all know that google can ban an entire domain and we have all seen that some domains seem to receive a "boost" in the SERP and other entire Domains can be given a google bitch slap and have their entire site drop to page 99 of the SERP, but still remain in the index... Logically then google must be 'ranking' or scoring the entire domain on some type of scale.

IMO the only thing to speculate on is what criteria google is using to rank domains.


>IMO the only thing to speculate on is what criteria google is using to rank domains

from my testing it's very similar to the trust/authority scoring used in organic SERPs


I would even go so far as to say that it is mostly the same as the organic with just a few extra minor tweaks thrown in to the mix.

If it's not a silly point to

If it's not a silly point to make, the quality scoring factors I've been reading about in PPC have sounded pretty similar to the scoring factors I've been reading about in organic SERPs.

So, basically, the same system applied in perhaps slightly different ways on both sides of the paid/natural divide.


Ditto here. Domain trust has

Ditto here. Domain trust has been recognized for years, with weighting that varies just as the other knobs are known to be turned up and down on occasion.

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