Finally Google teaches YouTube to Spell


A very under rated but powerful feature of Google search is understanding spelling mistakes and user intent.

Pre-Google-ownership searching for stuff on YouTube was always a drama if you didn’t know the exact right spelling. The result was always ‘no matches found.’

So I’d go into Google and try a few different spellings and often first time round Google would come up with a ‘did you mean,’ then the correct spelling. So I could go back to YouTube and use the correct spelling Google provided and find the video I wanted.

Now finally, Google has integrated the spelling help ‘did you mean’ into YouTube search.

On the usability front for YouTube this is a big deal imo that will probably go unnoticed to many but have a very big effect on user satisfaction.

Thanks to the new integration of Google spelling at YouTube, I can find my favourite classical guitar piece - please enjoy Recuerdos de la Alhambra.