Google's Sandbox and Tinfoil Hat Theories

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Compilation of Anti-Sandbox Tactics
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We've not talked about Google's sandbox in a while - for the most part, there seems little point, but the threadlink above (at sew) does raise some stuff worth looking at.

It's astonishing just how many tinfoil hat theories there are out there on Google Sandbox effect on new sites and to be frank, most of the thread is full of pretty wild claims and guesses. No crime there, you cant do much else with Sandbox other than guess at it, for every claim of "this works!" there is a counter claim from another site owner who tried it.

Apart from a couple of little workarounds known to many seo's but kept pretty closely guarded the one thing that stands out for me as being solid advice is what I,Brian has to say on some of this stuff.

The most likely solution?
From memory, Brians general points could be summed up as: Anchor text and links - get lots of widely varied anchor text and work on your on-page factors for actuall targeted keywords - and make sure those links are coming in from a very wide variety of IP ranges.

But wait! Maybe it's over...
erm... im also starting to see some very wild claims that sandbox is actually finshed - that's not what im getting from those in the know at all, so i wouldn't go jumping for joy just yet. My personal belief is that Google have a problem they cannot solve, at least yet. Every month this goes on though, and new sites are not being found in their results makes Google just that little more less relevant - which is not good for a search engine.

I haven't personally had to deal with Sandbox so i can only comment on what seems to make sense to me and from what i hear from those i trust to know their stuff. Having said that, it's an huge issue for many, so feel free to rip apart my assertion that Brian is on the money, or validate it.

And lets avoid the tinfoil hat syndome heh...


my 2 Cents

Last year about this time I was somebody else's webmonkey. They are a regional specialty retailer. The website was/is big enough and old enough to be considered an authority website. There was all sort's of gossip the company was being sold (which eventually came true) so I decided it was time to work my mojo and join the bathrobe club. I set up a few sites and hid a couple well placed links to my websites on the companies website (yes it was wrong, so no lectures). When some sites were released out of the sandbox last may the one's that had links from the "authority" website were set free, the one's that I used the exact same tactics for are to this day still in the box. Do what you will with that bit of info.

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