Kuro5hin Discover Google Hijacking - Bless 'em...

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Google and the Mysterious Case of the 1969 Pagejackers
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Kuro5hin discover the old 302 Hijack thing - if your not familiar, it's where one site can hijack anothers listing in Google by design, or more often than not, by accident. The Kur5 threads comments are worth their weight in gold, really, go check 'em out it's hillarious - bless 'em heh...

We've talked about it alot here at Threadwatch, though it was a little while back now, but, the problem still persists and Google either:

  • Do not think hijacking is a problem
  • Do not think hijacking is a priority
  • Couldn't care less about hijacking, buy Adwords!

and here's some previous discussions here at Threadwatch:

And in a recent case here in Denmark, Shell get screwed by Incompetent SEO - it wasn't a 302 hijack, but the results were the same - the Danish seo frim used META refresh to try and do a little mild blackhat naughtiness with Shell.dk and ended up shooting themselves and Shell in the feet.

DaveN has said before that if they don't fix this shit it might be worth ensuring that all the webmaster crowd know about it and force the issue that way - a lot of websites get hurt by Hijacking. - Dave, i think it may be time....