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Google Maps Goes Live
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Google Maps is out in, yeah! you guesed it... BETA!

As zawodny points out this is probably the end of the road for MapQuest

Not being either a driver or an american, im gonna find it a bit tough comparing Google Maps to Yahoo Maps but the addition of live traffic reports to Yahoo's offering puts them a cut ahead i'd say.

Would anyone care to compare the two services?


Quick Comparison

I've just seen James at Resident Alien compare where he lives on the 3 services: MapQuest, Yahoo and Google

Gotta say, the Google one does look the best...

This looks very snazzy I like

This looks very snazzy I like it, as with Nick I'm not an american so I wont be using it any time soon :(

Just what they need in the US

Just what they need in the US. Where to get a pizza! how about where the local gym is? Or the nearest liposuction centre!

Missing some important stuff

I couldn't search on a number of well-known local landmarks -- Boston City Hall, Mass General Hospital, South Station. They really ought to add stuff like that so you don't need to do a separate look-up before you can do the map search. But hey, it's a beta.

But in general, it looks great, you can drag the maps, the interactive feature that lets you click on a step in a route and gives you a closeup of the intersection... that stuff's beautiful.

Another little problem: I did their standard search on pizza near my house, and they gave me directions to a place in Union Square. But the driving directions claim that the .9 miles can be travelled in about one minute. It seems the system is assuming there's an interstate highway between the two locations.

Canadians get lost too...

maybe not as often as Americans ;) but the Canada coverage is typically weak. G and Y can't find my house but mapquest can. I'll stay with mapquest for now.

It looks good.

It showed one street going through that was fairly recently opened - but missed another completely. Overall, not bad at all.


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