About.com for Sale - Major Search Firms and NYT Bidding for it

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About.com, Primedia's Web Venture, Is for Sale
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Yep, About.com is up for grabs and the bidding ends today - cost? $350 - $500 Million

Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and NYT are all bidding for the About property.

More as it happens...


Do you know what time bidding

Do you know what time bidding will end? I can't see the article.

NYT Said to be Strongest Contender

Rafat has more on the auction:

One investment banker told me this morning that NYT seems to be the strongest candidate and going very aggressively after it. "They are the most natural owner, focused on content where as the others have a broader mix of business, and they badly want to boost growth of their successful but slower growing online properties. I put the odds at 5-to-2 that NYTimes emerges as the buyer."

Theres a few other bits of info in there too so check it out..

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