Horrible Yellow AdWords Background - A UI Test or New Color?


Earlier this morning I attempted to post a question here asking if anybody else saw the horrible yellow-colored background appearing behind the Top 3 AdWords ads (was blue). I thought it was nothing more than another UI test, but it's since been made official via Google.

We just received email from the Inside AdWords group indicationg that this is one of two new changes.

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I can't tell you how much this color makes me want to immediately scroll down to hide it. It's such a sickly, pukey color of yellow. Apparently, I am of the minority who dislikes this color immensely. Thousands of people must have responded favorably to this color in order for Google to go with it.

But, there are so many other colors to choose from; why this color?

If our conversion increases solely due to this change, I'll eat my socks!



it might look sickly but ...

... it catches the eye and that's what they need to do to 'improve the experience' for their advertisers.

I think that 'banner blindness' may have been extending to the ads on the blue background.

Yeah the ads "pop" more, but

WOW this color hurts the eyeballs. It makes me want to scroll down as quickly as possible.


We've seen a slight dip in traffic today, despite our rankings not changing one iota. I'm guessing it got exactly the reponse Google was hoping for and thus why it was instituted. ;-)

not 100% yet

i read the email from adwords at work and thought the same as all of you. however, here at home things are still blue.

Interesting to note that

Interesting to note that they changed the color AND changed the curiosity click status to requiring clicks on the active links up there at the exact same time.

So if traffic to organic is down while lowering the curiosity click feature the color must be exceptionally effective.

what? its yellow but

barely even visible on my screen. very barely, I can just tell it's not white.

In Poland we have yellow background in Firefox and blue in IE

As I wrote before we have quite funy thing in Poland. The ad in Firefox is yellow, but the same one is IE is blue :)

My site is in Polish, but you can see the screenshots for the same queries anywawy at:


I have no idea, why Google did it in this way :)

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