Cable TV Group Drops Out of Ebay Ad Deal

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In what ammounts to another kick in the ribs, the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau bailed on eBay's proposed ad network. The WSJ reports:

The CAB's decision will put that plan on hold. The decision to withdraw comes after several cable networks -- including ESPN, MTV, Discovery Networks, Lifetime and Turner -- studied the system for several weeks. "Clearly one picture was emerging and it was universally negative," says Sean Cunningham, president and chief executive of the CAB.



the WSJ reported that the Oxygen network is in on this now:

In the months since the idea was floated last summer, the exchange had failed to find any TV networks willing to sell ad time through the site. But now, the Oxygen network has agreed to participate, leading organizers of the exchange to decide to push forward with the venture.

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