Paid Search to start the Real Browser Wars

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MSN Search will bring in dollars even if it's not No. 1
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Seattlepi has a good piece on M$ ad revenue - worthy of a read. What got my attention just a little more tuned was Jupiters Joe Wilcox's comments on Microsoft Monitor however:

But I'll add something else. I see paid search as a potential catalyst to rekindling a real browser war. I don't see as coincidence the sudden interest on numerous fronts with bulking up Web browsers. Sure, people fume over so-called Internet Explorer security problems, and I'll stand first in line chiding Microsoft over taking so longer to make pop-up blocking a part of the the browser. But there's more going here than just people looking to chuck IE for some other browser, simply because of perceived security problems. Savvy browser vendors have got to recognize the huge revenue opportunity of paid search, from which the browser is one of the major launching pads.

I could see lots of revenue opportunities for Firefox or the new Netscape prototype around paid search. Netscape is more obvious because of AOL, but there's no reason third parties couldn't tap into the paid-search piggybank through Firefox add ons and affiliate relationships. The plethora of available already-available Firefox add ons gives some pretty good perspective.

Nice to link to MM, i've been reading for a little while now, it's a great site Joe...