Google Adsense Revenue Share Revealed


The PlentyOfFish owner Markus discovered a recording of a phone conference with Battelle that reveals the Adsense revenue share percentages. You can here it here at minute 24:40 where they uncover the percentages.

The numbers ?

Battelle annouces a deal with google and says that google takes a 15% adserving fee and then pays out 51% of the remaining 85% leaving you with ~43% net payout.

//added: Looks like Markus pulled his post on it. Get the MP3 before its deleted.



Not sure where he came up with that unless they've changed the payout for new Premium publishers, which I assume Battelle is, as that's not what I've seen.

Besides, anyone can determine the AdSense payout rate by doing a site targeted ad for your own site and then click the ad on an obscure page nobody uses. Then simply look at the channel to see how much you were paid vs. how much you were charged for that click, no big secret.

Stop it Bill.. you are

Stop it Bill.. you are making sense.

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