YouTube Gets Political - Launches CitizenTube


YouTube wants to know: 'What issue matters most to you? What do you think about the politics of your neighborhood, your district, your state, your province, your country…your world? And what are you going to do about it?'

So in order to get the answer to these questions - they are launching CitizenTube, YouTube's political video blog, which will serve 'to add fuel to the revolution that is YouTube politics.'

Via SplashCast Media:

YouTube has formally announced a new, official channel of political videos called CitizenTube. Edited by Steve Grove, YouTube’s Citizentube/YouTube News & Politics Editor, the channel appears intended to aggregate select political videos already appearing on the rest of the site. Will Steve effectively be an official representative of the politics of the GooTube giant? In some ways, he just may. To call that a big responsibility would be an understatement. (Good luck, Steve!) Will he be able to showcase video that criticizes Google?


Man What A Match

Create a site where you'll let people who feel passionately about an issue ramble on to people who want to listen with mind numbing obedience. Put two radically different viewpoints in one spot, sit back and watch the fireworks, it's brilliant.


and data grabbing :)

What won't they know about us in 2 years time?

Can't wait for GooPr0nTube

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