Google could offer .goog domains - Frank


Frank Schilling suggests that Google could and should offer .goog domain names, in order to further their internet dominance and challenge the increasingly hated Verisign monopoly on the .com presence:

Google could launch .GOOG and marry that extension to a “suite of services" which would relatively quickly (5-10 years) be in a position to rival .com .. They have the software, the people, and the know-how to create a viable registry that would quickly gain social acceptance. They could give the names away on a first-come first served basis without charge, they could appease potential registrants with the promise of uncomplicated hands-off (equitable) governance. They could promise the ability to renew through 2050 at a fixed rate. They could give .GOOG sites preference in positioning within their search algo, they could offer AdSense premiums and AdWords discounts for advertisers and publishers building on .GOOG domains.

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I dunno, it's a bit wierd but I guess in 5-10 years there won't be cheerio's, it will be Googlio's too lol

xxx vs. goog

I anybody could leverage the market it is google. I love the idea of new ext. (ie. xxx for porn sites) but the .com name is entreanched in peoples minds.

I think they are a gnat's

I think they are a gnat's chuff away from some eurocrat taking a firm interest in their market dominance, a registry would be like waving a red rag to a gaul.


Is that Old English you are using there? Or did I miss an analogy?

Ok...decoded it... so European officials might try to get them on some anti-monopoly type stuff :)

gnat = very small fly chuff

gnat = very small fly
chuff = vagina

.GAG me with a spoon

Ah, the sun is shining, the snow has melted, and the silly season is upon us.

a very very stupid idea (is he related to tim o riley)

What USP does a .goog domain have new puka tlds are suposed to have a fraking reason to exist - how is this going to get ok'd TLS are very political

And having worked closely to the tech leads on the .coop bid (it destroyed my company I used to own about .5% of .coop) avoid ICANT like the plaugue.

Though I do rember sugesting jokeingly that BT should have just brought Butans contry domain (.bt)

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