Breadcrumbs Are Back!


Jakob Nielson recently touted breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs won't help a site answer users' questions or fix a hopelessly confused information architecture. All that breadcrumbs do is make it easier for users to move around the site, assuming its content and overall structure make sense. That's sufficient contribution for something that takes up only one line in the design.



I've found them to be a real life saver.

Yawn. I really wish Jakob

Yawn. I really wish Jakob would come up with articles that are actually interesting instead of regurgitating the same old stuff over and over.

I wrote about this idea of

I wrote about this idea of breadcrumbs citing Nielson in my thesis back in 2003, this is definitely nothing new.


Breadcrumbs - Where the hell do they come up with these names? Must be after a bottle of Wine and a big fat one.

Been a strong supporter of text site navigation for a long time... Users love it.

My 'new' motto... Design it for the user, build it for the free traffic.

not sure how they're 'back'?

They never left in user-centered design.

Breadcrumbs - Where the hell

"Breadcrumbs - Where the hell do they come up with these names?"

Hansel and Gretel. They left a trail of breadcrumbs so they could find their way back home as they ventured into the forest.


are fundamental to SEO from a keyword link basis and crawling basis.

Back? they never left.

"The case against breadcrumbs is crumbling."

... and here I didn't even know they'd been on trial!

quick pull out the

quick pull out the table crumber. i've always thought breadcrumb nav links were a given. although Jakob tells us the "case against breadcrumbs is crumbling," i seem to have missed the polemic.

what amazes me here is that he's written an entire article about such a prosaic subject. it's nap food. (and about as inviting as breadcrumbs in bed)

Same old

>>regurgitating the same old stuff over and over.

Part of Jakob's philosophy is that change is too difficult for users and his philosophy extends to his content. New words? Different order? Much too stressful for users. ; )

-Maybe its OK to post a

-Maybe its OK to post a 'review of methods' article online guys. -Not all people who visit Jakob's site are long time readers. -Not all visitors are well versed in SEO, friendly design techniques.

Also, for some, it was SEObook that said that breadcrumbs 'were back', not Jakob. If you have a problem with Jakob not posting something "new" and scintillating... Send the guy a lead or an idea for a story. "less noise, more signal" folks.

Sign. Does this mean I have

Breadcrumbs for navigation? Sigh. Does this mean I have to go back and set my breadcrumbs to use the same terms in every context again? ;-)


I may be wrong here, but the context of "Breadcrumbs are Back" to me means that Jackob is talking about text link navigation again. Not that text link navigation ever went away.

I think there are a lot of people that get tired of reading old rehashed ideas with stupid names attached, no matter who wrote it.

I'm not sure that's what he

I'm not sure that's what he means, lots0.

Text link navigation (menus) are different than breadcrumb links:

Home > Category > Page

Or is that what you meant?


To me, any link that the anchor is text, is a text link, no matter the format or context in which the text link is placed.

I hope that makes sense... ;-)

P.S. I call "breadcrumbs", "Structured Text Navigation" based on the structure of the site. I know, I'm being difficult again. But I just don't go along with some of these stupid non-descriptive names.

Okay. :)

It's just that "breadcrumbs" was the name we first heard way back when.

But you're right; they're all "text links". As opposed to image links.


Wow Diane, you answered me before I posted... ;-)

Very cool do you have mental powers beyond the normal?

That was weird.

I was actually answering your post -- the one that is just below my answer.

How does that happen?


>>>How does that happen?

I'm going with your above average mental powers :-)

Yeah, I

Yeah, I wanted that one. :)

Did I miss something

Sorry when exactly were breadcrumbs ever gone!

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