Google Subdomain Spam


How many of the top 10 results should 1 company own? I would expect a bit more Nintendo here if someone is getting 60%.


There are only 2,390,000

There are only 2,390,000 results for that keyword, so it is not a popular one or people are just not interested in targeting it. Since IGN could be considered an authority site it is totally normal for it to show up so many times.

If more people were targeting that keyword then the results would be totally different.

only 2 million+ results for

only 2 million+ results for a 3 word product name? that is a lot.

cool. I like subdomain spam.

cool. I like subdomain spam.


I think 100% of the front page is the goal of every seo person... I know it is mine... global web domination... the forex borg is coming for everyone!!!

ouch - horrible site, and awful SERPs

Taking names here, Aaron. Good to see. I thought we weren't supposed to call people out on their sites.

Glad you did though.

I hope Matt Cutts is here with his notepad. Subdomain spam swamps the recent tempest in a teapot over sponsored Wordpress themes.

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