Geofence your Kids - WaveMarket land 9.5 Million

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A blog tool to fence in your children
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We reported on the unfortunately named Crunkie back in Decemeber, a location based mobile social network - since then WaveMarket, the company behind the project have landed a whopping 9.4M in venture funding with Draper Fisher Jurvetson taking the lead role.

Geofence your Kids

They now have several services/products on offer and they look interesting to say the least:

  • Crunkie — a location-aware mobile social network that allows friends to locate each other as well as share location-tagged blog posts.
  • Map.Me — a mobile phone map interface that allows users to pan/zoom and experience dynamic mobile city guides
  • WaveAlert — server that allows users to be notified whenever they enter or leave a designated area. This is called "proximity-based" alerts. You can set “geofences” around important assets or be notified if your friends are nearby.

That last one looks like a killer tool for anxious parents and could, imo put WM on the map...

Being a new parent, the time when i will have to worry about where my daughter is and who she's with is a little way off but i know some of you have older kids right? - How do you keep tabs on where they are and what they're doing? And would something like WaveAlert be good?


Big Brother is watching you...

That last one looks like a killer tool for anxious parents and could, imo put WM on the map...

Killer tool for gov't surveillance too. I don't like the sound of it one bit, given the political climate in the States right now.

Of course...

... teenagers would never think of leaving their RFID-tagged backpack in a school locker whilst hitting the local mall, would they?! RFID chip in the phone? Get a second one (they're so cheap these days) and forward the calls. And their parents will be harboring a real false sense of security. Or are they going for RFID implants? Kids can bypass this kind of stuff so easily that it's verging on ripping off the parents by selling this stuff.

About time

I was wondering when someone would integrate location based services into a social network/application. I personally cant wait to get proximity information about when my mates are nearby through a messenger client or similar.


Yeah, geotagging blog entries or photos would be really cool to magicdan, this stuff will all happen but it's very early days...

but imagine standing outside some landmark or pub or whatever and being able to scan for blogged entries relating to it.. could be really neat..

This is going to make stalkin

This is going to make stalking my friends and family increasingly difficult. lol

But seriously, if parents want to get serious about geofencing their kids they're going to have to step up and start combining this stuff with shock collars and anti-tamper shock adminstrators as well. No more messing around...

Sounds interesting but...

How do you keep tabs on where they are and what they're doing? And would something like WaveAlert be good?

You really just have to trust them. Certainly cell phones themselves are a huge plus as you can at least contact them. Yeah, they could lie about where they are, but at least you can talk and know they're okay.

And I agree with the poster above who said they could just leave their phone somewhere if they weren't supposed to be a certain place. The less you trust your kids, the less you'll be able to trust them, imo.

It's a Brave New World

If we can't give our kids the armoury they need to be able to deal with the society they are living in then we have failed as parents.

The media and governments these days are just so interested in instilling paranoia in the populace. My guess is that governemnt fed paranoia will become the major religion of the 21st century, and that WaveMarket will do very well in such a climate - but don't rule out a viscious backlash from the kids who are subjected to this while growing up.

New Kids Phone

this doesn't seem like a bad idea:

Firefly has a screen (that’s a plus), dedicated mom and dad call buttons, a 20-number phonebook, a backpack hook, and, of course, a 911 button. Of course, we’d be a bit concerned about that 911 button getting triggered at such inopportune time as, well, any time it’s not intended, but we remain hopeful they’ve 8-12-year old-proofed it sufficiently.

Here's the manufacturers page: SunCom Firefly

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