WebmasterRadio.fm - SEGuru's Long awaited FM Baby!

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New Launch of WebmasterRadio.fm
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SEGuru's long awaited launch of WebmasterRadio.fm has now been announced: 16th Nov at the wmw conference.

I really hope this is the killer webmaster launch of all time, it's a great idea and Threadwatch (that would be me.. heh!) is right behind it!

I cant seem to find anything much on the content of the new channel but im sure we will learn in time, let's hope it lives up the high standards one would expect...


SEO Radio Also?

You know about SEO Radio right?


I thought that was the same thing Rusty, have a link or two to share? - I must admit to not following this one as i knew it had not launched yet but thought the 2 were part of the same... ;-)


Nope, didnt know a thing about it ;)
Is that any good?


Yea not bad, check out the pa

Yea not bad, check out the past guest.

I personally have only listen

I personally have only listened to a few shows, but they were very good. Since everything is archived, it is easy - but still takes time.

Past guests

Very respectable list in their Rusty, who's that dodgy sounding Barry Schwartz fella though eh? - hehe...

thanks, my wife is takig driving lessons 2 nights a week, would be a good opp. for me to tune in..

If you listen to any good sho

If you listen to any good shows, let me know, I'll make sure to check them out as well.

Oh, don't waste your time with the Barry Schwartz show. Really dont.


How is an interview conducted Rusty? - on the phone, with a mic at your PC...

It's an area i've never ever looked at..

The true hypocrite is the one

The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.

Somebody posted his sig as a comment, I blame the software :)

The Barry Schwartz Show

That, my friend, has a certain ring to it.


Hi Everyone...new here as someone pointed me over to the thread! Wow does word travel fast! We just put this up. Granted, we've been talking it up at the shows of recent.

As to our programming, I can give you an overview of what we have in store so far. We have the following types of shows in the works right now:

The SEO Rockstars - Hosted by BakedJake and Oilman...two highly respected SEO's and regulars on the Jupitermedia SES and WMW Search Conference's and damn fine SEO's. This show will most definitely flirt and linger with Black Hat SEO.

Cover Story - Hosted by Brandy Shapiro-Babin and David McGinnis of PRWeb will be doing a show on PR 101. COvering everything from how to write a press release, to how to use it for SEO/SEM purposes.

Domain Name Game - This show will be hosted by Monte Cahn, CEO of Moniker.com...one of the only accredited registrars where the IRS will take their domain appraisals for tax purposes. They have some of the largest portfolios out there representing the likes of Jupitermedia, Lions Gate Entertainment and the Domain King himself...Rick Shwartz.

Then of course shows on affiliate marketing, programming, hosting, then entertaining shows also targeted to webmasters.

We'll also have news and sports at the top and bottom of everyhour.
The busy webmaster can just put some headfones on and stay tuned in.

I can't say any names yet, but I can say that we're already working with some of the search engines themselves to create programs hosted by them!

So yes...my baby is about to launch and we're very proud of what we're about ready to launch.

If you are interested in getting involved, drop us an email.

Be sure to check out http://www.WebmasterRadio.FM Launching At WebmasterWorld's Search Conference in November.

--> "How is an interview cond

--> "How is an interview conducted Rusty? - on the phone, with a mic at your PC..."

Over the phone.

NFFC, I am not sure what you

NFFC, I am not sure what you are referring to with your comment left at 2004-10-20 19:31. Can you help me out?

SEGuru, looks like great stuff. Can't wait!

Can you help me out?


That is my sig, I just hit post by accident and it posted that. In short ignore it.

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